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Website: http://arathor.cz/

OK folks, here I am with the newest project of mine which in fact isn't mine anymore. I left this project in summer 2015 because of lack of my free time (and nerves), but I still advice and help my old team members. I also decided to create a project entry here for us. Terrain of map was made by me, quite a lot of model spawn was done by others, who finished my map.

So, time to say something about Arathor RP. Arathor is project founded at the start of autumn 2013, so its no new project at all. Mythia is, however, a very new map, opened now, in winter 2016. A lot of loots, PvE, quests and some other things need to be finished and polished up, of course, but still, what you can see here is finished and released RP server. Sadly, we are only CZ/SK (and fulltime RP, someone would say HC RP) project, so if you can't speak our language, you simply can't play with us. This entry is just for those, who are interrested in our project, who want to get inspired by it and maybe, to spread a word about us a little bit wider into world, because there's still some chance there are CZ/SK guys around who haven't heard about us yet, but are already in modding scene.

Where are we playing?

We have closed blizzlike world and all players play in one full custom zone, Mythia. Mythia was an island designed by Filipsons before he started working on his Afterfall project, which you may know. We have used old Mythia only for proportions as a scratch, and remade (literally re-made) everything, to make terrain look far better than original and to make use of retro-ported models and textures. Zone is about 16 ADTs big, so its far from tiny. With 60+ players online (we expect this number to decrease to 40+ in future after opening boom, but it may not be so) its big enough and far from tiny. There are various subzones, which divide whole island into Horde, Alliance, Nordic and Neutral territories. There are mountains, forests, there is also a haunted forest with haunted town, there is a forest troll zone, plains and a marsh. Mythia is south of Northrend, north of Maelström.

What about factions players can play?

Players are divided in fact into 4 large blocks. Horde owns south-eastern plains region, nords (local barbaric human tribe) are friends of Horde (orcs, taurs, trolls and forsakens) and own western parts of island. Alliance (humans, dwarves, gnomes, high elves and night elves) owns easter part of island. Night elves have their own valley, while the rest of Alliance have their own south of night elven sacred valley. Horde and Alliance relationship is neutral. They are not hostile to each other, but both factions don't like to see trespassing into their territories.

Whats going on in world?

Its year 34 and Lich King haven't attacked capital cities yet, which means that its start of WotLK expansion. We have blizzlike lore (with few possible minor edits), just our island is custom addition to it. Zone was recently opened, so no major event really occured yet, but even while its february, I can say: winter is coming, and its up to players if they will try to keep warm and safe from it together, or in separated (even warring?) factions.











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Gallery of screenshots from our zone were uploaded and here you can browse it. Enjoy :3.