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Tech part of the project

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So, here I want to tell you about the serverside part of the project, which had to present people enthralling world of role-playing in WoW.


1. Farming system (100% done)

2. Player housing, done everything except new phasing system (60% done)

3. Gameobject system for players (100% done, tested on another server)

4. Jail system, I had a lot of new ideas about it, but here is a last working wariant (100% done)

5. Hunger system (100% done)

6. Special addon, which allows you to add new role-play themed info about your player (100% done)

7. Stealing system (100% done)

8. New role-play themed grunt system (100% done)

9. Injury system (100% done)


For more systems that had to be on that server you can visit my imgur album, I don't really think that I have to introduce things like wearing a backpack :) 

I also wanted to add a lot of new systems, here is a small list of those, which I have in my mind currently:

10. Job system, based on daily quests and custom scripts (0% done)

11. Scenarios to introduce role-playing for every new player (0% done)

12. Scripted events like scourge invasion which had to replace the work of GMs (0% done)

13. Much more atmospheric friendly NPCs and monsters: something like Kezan starting quests, which almost every NPC have a reaction to your actions (0% done)

Here is a imgur albom, I hope you liked this topic.



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