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Eastern Plagueland Warcraft 3 Styled World Maps

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Here i'm going to release new maps one by one when they are ready. As the terrain is changed the maps should be changed also, what if I don't want to stay at blizzard styled maps and i go back to the warcraft 3. Using this style the maps will be less detailed and unfamiliar for players. I think most players know well geography in warcraft and this style will change the game experience in a positive way.

The maps use the old names of villages, before the third war. Later there will be plagued territories too.

I am going to remake Western- and Eastern Lordaeron because i am not satisfied with them. The reason is too much trees and bad contours. If you have any idea to improve visually the map or village names, i appreciate the contribute, and feedback.

Under Construction: Northeron, Kul Tiras, Baradin Hold, Icecrown, Azjol Nerub, whole Northern Kingdoms map (Upper half of eastern kingdoms, this will be like worldmap) This shires are just my alpha ideas.

Do you guys have any idea how to design the instances when you are inside? Since it's hard to illustrate tiny details indoor dungeons and I want to stay at warcraft 3 style. But maybe i will make instance maps like a handmade sketch. This is the problem with the cities too. When i am 100% sure where will be the entrances of dungeons i am going to sign it with red "X".  

This maps will be used on my custom server, which is  in early development. If you like my work check  back later i upload new map in 1-2 days.


Tirisfal Gladestirisfal.png

Western Lordaeron

Eastern Lordaeron

any idea to make arathi highlands (Stromgarde) better? I didn't find any information what was the name of Hammerfell before Ogrim Doomhammer died there. Go'Shek sounds like orc name i don't know what should be the name of that farm. Maybe i am going to add some trees to boost visually.arathi.png

Silverspine Forest, Should I add more water on the left side? Its seems too empty. I don't want to delete islands or none of the players will find anything on the map.silverspineforest.png


Hillsbrad, not 100% done Im going to add internment camps more but i didn't decide where yet.hillsbrad.png

This will Dragonblight where Scourge will levelin, Later there will be an independent phase when arthas landed as Paladin. Im asking you guys, in the original warcraft 3 campaign we can see on the maps nerubian outposts, I should put them and build some nerubian outposts on the surface, or they the developers wanted to locate the underground nerubian ouptosts? Should I delete the color of dragonaspects or decorate it somehow?dragonblight.png

Gilneas-Before the cataclysmgilneas.png

Ghostland (Blackened Woods) If someone knows the old name of deatholme please tell me :D Eversong will be restricted for all players cause it will be a huge raid later.blackened woods.png



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I too once thought about it, but i did not take risks and create a "mismatch" in wow style

but the truth is




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12 hours ago, Uthil said:

Those maps can be used in wow ? I really love them dude. Nice work by the way.

Sure thing, I will upload tiny video how they look like in game when i finished all maps that i want implement to my project. Thank you for the kind words! Good to know people like this maps!

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