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BFA to Legion 7.1

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I want to convert the BFA models to be compatible with 7.1, but everything I've tried so far hasn't worked one way or another.


I have the BFA version of models from CASCExplorer, 8.0.1. etc. 

I've tried converting them to WotLK with the MultiConverter but I can't figure out how to import WotLK models into m2i to use for blender. I've tried getting M2Mod3 (for WotLK) to work, but it just crashes on me and nothing happens. 

I've also tried using 010 Editor to remove the code that allows me to convert with the current M2Mod. It works, but only for certain models. I haven't gotten Void Elf female to work.

Regardless, transporting the hairstyles/models from BFA Kul Tiran humans to 7.1 Blood Elf Female doesn't work. It makes my model disappear when I try to load in game, as if the model hasn't downloaded properly. And I still want void elves to work.


Are there any solid methods to downport BFA to Legion yet?

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