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    • We have something totally different in mind, however we are going to merge those dungeon interiors for a uniform interior of the monastery. Our current monastery is nearly finished but we're waiting on some software development. 
      Here's a render from Noggit, give it some leniency but you get the general idea of what we're doing.
    • You may use a model from the original files, once i found a unique scarlet monastery model, where all the dungeons locations were merged into a big wmo. I think the original plan was to make one big dungeon like scholomance but at last, they cut it into 5 pieces.
      The only work u have to do is to create an exterior shell like walls and roof. 
    • what about monastery rewamp? I mean WMO
    • Model itself is being updated. Just not finished
    • there is unchanged banner on the rooftop