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  1. Sheldon

    my current work

    random things which are currently at the wip state
  2. Sheldon

    best world edit of mine ever

    Ох, братюнь, не, в этом плане я отстал от моддинга так конкретно. Знаю, что нужно взять блендер, поебаться с ним пару-тройку недель, потом еще поебаться и из этого что-то да выйдет, но работы сейчас горы. Тут решил немножечко поковырять гм-остров ради передышки от кода и фш, так что на скриншоте обыкновенная переделка в ноггите с долей иронии в названии скриншота.
  3. Sheldon

    ItemID addon.

    GameTooltip:HookScript("OnTooltipSetSpell", function (self) local SpellName, SpellRank, SpellID = self:GetSpell() self:AddLine("|cffff8000ID:|cffFFFFFF " .. SpellID) end) GameTooltip:HookScript("OnTooltipSetItem", function (self) local name, link = GameTooltip:GetItem() local _, _, itemID = link:find("|Hitem:(%d+):.*|h%[(.-)%]|h|r") self:AddLine("|cffff8000ID:|cffFFFFFF " .. itemID) end)
  4. Sheldon


    It was a bit wrong to do that, but it was so much crazy and fun, that I still have some of the screenshots from that day
  5. Just remember to obtain all legal shit in Russia or in any other country where blizzard can't really get your or your hosting provider's ass.
  6. Sheldon

    Русская таверна

    Не совсем так, подвернулась очень годная возможность реализовать эти наработки, но не в том ключе, что я видел их изначально. В этой ситуации я уже мыслил по принципу "не пропадать же добру". Сейчас вот вертекс шейдингу не могу нарадоваться в ноггите, спасибо вам за это, просто огромное не паханое поле возможностей появилось)
  7. Sheldon

    Русская таверна

    Привет, я тоже рад всех вас видеть) В плане новаторства я - ленивая свинья, так руки ни до чего и не дошли, возможно, за оставшиеся пару месяцев от лета еще поправлю эту ситуацию. На данный момент Лордерон и пару интересных штук к релизу готовлю с ребятами.
  8. Sheldon

    Русская таверна

    Какие-то у вас слишком забавные и добрые русские в роликах) Вкачусь с попсой.
  9. Sheldon

    4.3.4 Spells make NO FUCKING SENCE

    It does. Idk about cata, but in the lich king I made custom viusal without any problems and without spelleditors, just using dbcs. There is a little scheme I painted doing the process, I hope it'll help you. (I used it for custom wings, but there is all dbcs you need)
  10. Sheldon

    mountain style test

    Its actually very simple trick with durotar grass texture, you can always find it in Skran's alphamap collection
  11. Sheldon

    Black Hollow This is one of my latest works, I believe it will be a nice dungeon for my tSoL project. Unused AhnQiraj parts based, it became gilneas styled zone which has a very nice atmosphere and doodads. Anyway, there are a lot of different things that I have to do left.
  12. Sheldon


    Another Lordaeron themed showoff. At this time it won't be a huge city or whole Lordaeron zone reconstructed. Just a little village, that would be a great place to show how Lordaeronish people lived.
  13. Sheldon

    Capital City So, I hope you are all guess what about is this topic. Lordaeron. My goal was to make Lordaeron in the style of "old days", when it was a capital of huge kingdom. I inspired from wc3 cinematics and fan arts, but it was not all where I took inspiration from. I always been amazed by old works of modcraft's level designers. Eluowind, SinFranc's works and many other things were as a monument in modding for me. So, you here to decide if I caught that spirit of those works and enjoy the screens!
  14. Sheldon

    Tech part of the project

    So, here I want to tell you about the serverside part of the project, which had to present people enthralling world of role-playing in WoW. 1. Farming system (100% done) 2. Player housing, done everything except new phasing system (60% done) 3. Gameobject system for players (100% done, tested on another server) 4. Jail system, I had a lot of new ideas about it, but here is a last working wariant (100% done) 5. Hunger system (100% done) 6. Special addon, which allows you to add new role-play themed info about your player (100% done) 7. Stealing system (100% done) 8. New role-play themed grunt system (100% done) 9. Injury system (100% done) For more systems that had to be on that server you can visit my imgur album, I don't really think that I have to introduce things like wearing a backpack I also wanted to add a lot of new systems, here is a small list of those, which I have in my mind currently: 10. Job system, based on daily quests and custom scripts (0% done) 11. Scenarios to introduce role-playing for every new player (0% done) 12. Scripted events like scourge invasion which had to replace the work of GMs (0% done) 13. Much more atmospheric friendly NPCs and monsters: something like Kezan starting quests, which almost every NPC have a reaction to your actions (0% done) Here is a imgur albom, I hope you liked this topic.