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  1. Mr. DK

    WoW Error BFA File

    It works the same way as it does in 3.3.5.
  2. Mr. DK

    Wow Custom Project

    Hey. Its always nice to hear projects coming to live. I would be interested in knowing more about that project than just using your artwork. If you create some cool stuff I would of course enjoy using. So what exactly is your idea your lore or even the setting?
  3. Mr. DK

    .m2 template legion

    Yeah these 010 templates are kinda strange. Was also just a guess on my side.
  4. Mr. DK

    I guess i need a little help

    So I guess you are going to provide everything needed todo so?
  5. Mr. DK

    WoW Error BFA File

    Maybe mod 7.3.5 then Trinity is coming along very nice. And you dont need todo all that downport stuff anymore ^^
  6. Mr. DK

    I guess i need a little help

    No its not. You dont need patches in 7.3.5 anymore. Goto arctium and downlaod their launcher. Put the file into your game folder with the correct path. (e.g. World/Wmo/custom/Gunship.wmo ). Start the launcher and profit...
  7. Mr. DK

    I guess i need a little help

    I am really not that model guy. Maybe you should pm skarn. Hes THE model guy.
  8. Mr. DK

    I guess i need a little help

    Hm. Could be a problem. Dont know if theres a converter from obj to m2. But if theres one you have to use that and afterwards use the script you can find here to port it up to legion. Schould be somewhere in the dowload section.
  9. Mr. DK

    WoW Error BFA File

    Im not entierly sure but the reason some „living“ models like catnpc do not work is since blizz made them like charmodels so they could dress them up. Maybe investigate how charmodels would be ported down to see how these work.
  10. Mr. DK

    I guess i need a little help

    Additional infos needed: A) What tool did you use to work on that m2 B) What wow version are you aiming to port it to?
  11. Mr. DK

    .m2 template legion

    Why do you need to remove the md21 to make the template work? Cant you just skip over the first 8 bytes? See attachments. This could work. Havent tested it.
  12. Mr. DK

    Downporting 8.0.1\7.3.5 to 7.1?

    We have an ongoing research on this on the arctium discord. Problem with this is the current bfa models dont even work on previous bfa patch. So they probably made some drastic changes. I dont think placing models in the folder will work though. There have been alot of changes between 7.1 and 7.3.5.
  13. Have you ported all m2s/wmo‘s to your game folder?
  14. Title says 7.3.5. I am aware of that post. But I am also aware that Lizzard ramped up their security alot thats why you can clearly see that theres no 7.3.5 executable in there. Modding this in 7.2.5 is streight forward from his 7.1.0. result. In addition to that DB2 structure was drastically changed in 7.3.5 as a preperation to BfA.
  15. Hello, Loading custom files requieres a modified executable in some sort. As far as I am aware there is no 7.3.5 exectuable atm. But there is one fore 7.1.0. So what exactly did you do to your client to make it load your modified db2? If you havent done anything then you know why its not loading.