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  1. Finsternis

    BFA mount problem

    Im not sure, maybe the texture not exist for the particle?
  2. Finsternis

    BFA mount problem

    He explain how to find out the new Txid. For a while there was hardcoded textures in the files, but now there are "hidden" Txid´s. With this TXid´s you can find out which texture this slots have. In the video you can see the complete template at 2.27 min, after this im sure it is a way to add hardcoded textures path correct´and maybe simple xD. But i dont get the part after this, i do this by hand. With the id that you found with the template, you can search here "" . and you know which texture on which slot. Btw this template have to run on the original non ported file and i need the "copy paste" part one more time more than in the video at 1:19.
  3. Thanks for the video. I tried with copy paste but the first thing was not working correct for me. I get first the id´s of skin files but not of textures. I just copy paste again three lines and i think this is it. All what you done after this is to complicate for me, but i dont need this anyway.(i have no idea what you done there but it works^^) The relationship between this and the TXid was important and how to read them in the file. If i found there a model where this not work and i cant handle it alone i will ask here again^^. So thanks for your help.
  4. I just know that this is the reason for my problem and that it is at the end of the file but more than "TXID" i cant "read" and i dont understand the relationship at all.
  5. I just don't understand. Maybe it must be basic first. How can I read the Txid in the M2 file? And then how does that go together with the empty texture rows? I still don't understand how the texture is related to the file ID you've linked here. And why the model should simply know which texture belongs where. Where does this information come from? Can you explain how a child would understand that? ^^ Or give a simple example.
  6. I still dont get it. what is the fd id? or the $ id? for example "fd1_$2.blp" what would it load on which slot?
  7. That was what i did, but it is still not so easy to find out which texture on which slot. I looked on the waterelemental and gave up xD. The information that just files inside the folder are used, make me feel a bit reassured .
  8. He have this issue That elemental earth have one Creatureskin1 and six harcoded textures. All for particels and maybe some effects. I make it work in wotlk with try and error. I looked in the particles tab an search for the texture slot. Than i try which texture could it be. But i hoped that i can see anywhere which slot has which texture.
  9. but how i find out which file id is which texture, maybe there is already the answer but i have not the dev power sorry ^^
  10. Uff so so technical The hardcoded are my problem here, how i see which TXID is for which texture? I have for example, 4 texture slots , slot zero is creatureskin1 , slot one and two are a hardcoded textur and for me complete empty. And slot 3 is creatureskin2. How i can now find out what textues are in slot one and two?
  11. Finsternis

    Blend mode overrides (vertex alpha-like effect)

    Rly nice tutorial with the materials and your script/testobject. I bring it to work, i dont understand yet all but i will if i need.^^ It helped me by a nonanimated problem. And now im sure i can do this with most models if they have this. Before this i made extra meshes and gave them renderflags.Now with masks, it will be much finer/easier and cooler^^. So just a big thx
  12. In some new models , like the new earth elementar, are no hardcoded textures anymore. There just this new "TxId", i saw that on wow dev but i have no idea how to find out on which place a special texture should be. Is there a way to find it out? Any new dbc? I made this with try and error but uff that need alot time and the result could be wrong.
  13. Finsternis

    [UPDATED] Problems with swapping Humans to old Goblins (3.3.5)

    i would say "indexed" and alpha depth none should work
  14. Finsternis

    [UPDATED] Problems with swapping Humans to old Goblins (3.3.5)

    You also need the correct blp format (palettized , no alpha) and the upper part of the face. Lower normal format 256*128 in your case it should be 128*64 Upper normal format 256*64 in your case it should be 128*32
  15. Finsternis

    [UPDATED] Problems with swapping Humans to old Goblins (3.3.5)

    Goblins before cata have no faces. So you cant find them. What we see here are the faces of the races that u switch. This explaine also the missing head parts on some . Wow still think it use the old model and make something invisible that should be invisible on the old. You could now edit the charsection.dbc or make alot of new blp´s or you edit the model that there is just one hardcoded texture.