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  1. How does one view or even export .WMO 3D models from the Cataclysm (and perhaps the 3.3.5.) client? I want to make a new dungeon from splicing together World of Warcraft .WMO models. I am not good at making digital tools (or getting them to run); I focus on my strengths of world creation, game design, Itemization, plot and story writing, concept art and 2D and 3D game art.
  2. WithinAmnesia

    Looking for ergonomic 3.3.5. .WMO and .M2 model viewer.

    https://wowmodelviewer.net/wordpress/?page_id=27 I already have 0.8.5; it should work with 3.3.5? Yet when I fire it up and load World of Warcraft it says that it cannot find a local from the World of Warcraft folder. I am trying to make a movie about cut Classic World of Warcraft content so I am after using unused assets in World of Warcraft. Here is the directory path: "F:\Games\World of Warcraft 3.3.5a (no install)" and here is the folder: Also that 'WoWModelViewer' is the Mop model viewer which is directed to this file but when trying to load a file it also crashes.
  3. Hello I am looking for an ergonomic (simple to use) .WMO and .M2 viewer like WoW Model Viewer but it will not crash on a 3.3.5. World of Warcraft client. I am looking for a simple model viewer that does not need to be compiled and other complex requirements. Ideally the model viewer just asks for data location directories and comes with an .exe file included. Also I am using windows if that helps; are there any suggestions? I know that there was this really good model viewer I used in the past that had 3.3.5. support with .WMO and .M2 support but my older computer is dead and I forgot which program it was. I obtained it from one of the helpful community members here I think?
  4. WithinAmnesia

    Has anyone made a 'from scratch' new dungeon for WoW?

    So if some how one gets the aforementioned dungeon project built into a proper Blizzard-like 3D model, what are the options to convert such a model from for example .dae format into .wmo format and have it be compatible with general in game functionality? I have seen creative people make .m2 models and such but I cannot personally remember much about .wmo creation. I figured that the creative community herein is better equipped with more experience than I to produce a wholesome answer to such particular question regarding .wmo manufacture. I found this person by the way: http://dristereau3d.blogspot.ca/2013/08/gurubashi-catacombs-welcome-to-catacombs.html. Perhaps we should aim at this kind of creative process and emulate what this gentlemen was trying to emulate from blizzard with professional level knowledge at his disposal. Perhaps with a bit of support we can learn new and more productive ways to further the creative community's diverse ambitions. Then again perhaps the path is not to pursue the person verbatim but to rather to pursue the general concept and tools of quality behind his creative process. With that being said it is just a possibility and the likelihood of success are unknown; although the idea itself is not incorrect. Yet perhaps the method(s) and or path(s) to get to said skill availability is flawed; I suppose that we can only see with time and passion. Continuing with that note: Is there anyone in the community who is adequately adept at manufacturing / producing such Blizzard-like .wmo models in the likeness of a dungeon? I dearly wish to produce new content which will be able to blend seamlessly to what has been produced in at least during the timescale of Classic World of Warcraft.
  5. Has anyone in the creative community created a 'from scratch' new Blizz-like dungeon for World of Warcraft? I want to know this and if possible to get in touch with the people who have done this or have come close to this achievement for I wish to create new Blizz-like dungeons for World of Warcraft. Yet like how Blizzard operated back in the day (and more so than ever now) many hands make less work and unite and vanquish via a combined talent front. Rome was not build in one day nor was it built by one set of hands. I wish to find practical and community accompanying ways to pursue the creative process for these new Blizz-like dungeons. I am particularly inspired to pursue these new Blizz-like dungeons for I find it exciting that there is forgotten content of merit that can be resurrected by the community and for the community from the digital abyss. With this being liken to an archeologist that is restoring lost avenues into the past, there is so much unimplemented content that was cut from development for the team at the time simply did not have enough resources to implement the content from the lore into where it should have been in the World of Warcraft. I press onwards to change these lost chapters in the Warcraft universe; perhaps what was lost can be found once more? I can be found on YouTube where I post video logs of what I progress at in meaningful ways regarding my game creation process (including my work with new Blizz-like content for World of Warcraft) via the channel named Rocket-Powered Ice Cream: https://www.youtube.com/user/funkycowsx2/videos?view=0&shelf_id=0&sort=dd also I can be found at deviantART herein: https://withinamnesia.deviantart.com/
  6. WithinAmnesia

    Which WoW modding/emulation software do you want to see?

    I would like to see tools open to the community that can span the whole creative width and breadth of content creation for a 1.12.1 Server. I have over a period of time been creating content, items, NPCs, 3D models all in the hope that one day I can find a way to implement them. Right now I am eating glass and staring into the abyss. I have a burning desire to add new content to the 1.12.1 version of World of Warcraft; I do not know why I have this desire in full. Yet I know that I must pursue this passion and see it through for better or for worse; I press onward. Although with a practical mind realize that I cannot achieve this creative feat alone. Rome was not built in a day nor was Rome built by one set of hands. So with these concluding sentiments I ask of the creative community if they want to pursue these creative tools and pour life into uncharted territory. With the very best of intentions; Matthew Gordon Roulston. (Also I have made a video log of some of the recent World of Warcraft related projects that I am have been up to and progressed at in a meaningful way over at my YouTube channel: Rocket-Powered Ice Cream (https://www.youtube.com/user/funkycowsx2/videos?view=0&shelf_id=0&sort=dd).
  7. WithinAmnesia

    Where are the Vanilla Tools and Tutorials that Work?

    Well I never really played retail classic and I only played retail T.B.C. and W.o.t.L.K. and then I switched to free accounts for Cataclysm and M.o.P. then I tried Molten 3.3.5a. W.o.W. and then I started to hear about Vanilla and I watched youtube videos about classic World of Warcraft and I read a great deal of the internet's blogs and articles about vanilla and then I tried Kronos WoW and holy sh*t I loved that version of WoW. The Community, the difficulty and the 'togetherness' of the the game and the players is amazing. Yet, there was nothing new. No mystery and no wonder left in the decade + year old game. So I love making video game content and I love vanilla, I know of scores of Blizzard cut and 'forgotten' content that missed vanilla's release crunch. I know a great deal about the World of Warcraft and the lore and characters. For me Classic is the only version of W.o.W. that I will play for some seamingly insane reason. I have two level 60s on Kronos and some on the way. I want to make new content for Vanilla for it to somehow be enjoyed and to have a community rumour and gossip and WONDER about the MYSTERY of the new content for level 1-60 without busting the top off of the games' progression by making something better than Naxxramas - for I simply don't want to spoil the game's quality. Rather I want to expand it and not to lengthen the HUGE vanilla player progression path to end game but rather I wish to widen the path with optional and high quality 'blizz-like' content for the classic player's journey from level 1 to Naxxramas Raider. More ways from A to B without adding C.
  8. This is frustrating as all hell! There are so few vanilla / classic / 1.12.1 WoW Modding tutorials and tools that actually work and are not 'link-dead' in the first place. I have found scores and scores of tools for 3.3.5 and up but ~95% of them all crash and or corrupt vanilla files! I can't find enough of the damned vanilla tools to do anything but add small changes -AHH!! I want to do do big changes and modifications that are not non-player character clones or item display dupes with small changes and other small scale modifications! I have had to 'mickey mouse' / non-orthodoxically combine so many half-working tools together in order to get something that works that I am surprised that any people mod vanilla at all :-(. Does anyone know where the vanilla compatible tools are that actually work? Is there a forum or a website or place -somewhere- that has vanilla tools and methods and tutorials that are compatible with vanilla's quirks and iterations? If I can somehow get enough damned tools to work for vanilla for big scale modding work I could make a big 'Vanilla Tools that Work and How to Use Them' Page so that vanilla modders could have a resource hub to 'build' from and could stop pulling their hair out trying to make non-vanilla compatible 3.3.5a tools and tutorials work for their vanilla 1.12.1 projects!
  9. WithinAmnesia

    Editing DBCs With SQL

    Hey Elrena I tried to do Step 1 of your tutorial with converting a Classic 1.12.1 WoW dbc.MPQ file via DBCUntil and it crashes on use and does not convert the classic dbc.MPQ file. I made a copy of the dbc.MPQ and pasted it in the DBCUntil's tool file (thinking that might help) and still it refuses to work with a 1.12.1 classic WoW dbc.MPQ file. Do you know a solution to this problem that could work with a Classic WoW client Elrena?
  10. WithinAmnesia

    Help! How does one export .WMO files from WoW?

    I will try that Thoraric! I will report on how that works out after I get my classic dbc file edited XD!
  11. I read Warcraft Chronicle Volume 1 - what an excellent read although really all they did was just commission their good writers, grab Chris Metzen and that artist-guy-who-makes-the-cool-ass-concept art and slam everything lore-wise from all of their Warcraft games into place say: "Here mate! Here is a super cool lore book that is completely bad ass."
  12. Ah! How does this forum work? I missed these replies too! Well thank you, I have been *pauses* a month late?! Well, I will have to do better in the future XD. Thank you for the feed back (even though I missed it! X.X) this really helps myself get a direction in which to start. Thank You Guys!
  13. WithinAmnesia

    Help! How does one export .WMO files from WoW?

    So via Blender the plugin can actually 'rip' / 'pull' .WMOs from WoW and have them imported into Blender? I have plugin although I thought that it was just so that if I find a way to get a .WMO file then Blender can load the .WMO afterwards. Although is it true that what you are saying is that the Blender .WMO import / export plugin can actually 'rip' / 'pull' .WMO files from WoW and throw them in Blender? Edit: Ah! I am half a week late! Sorry Skarn I must have missed this reply X.x! Although In the meantime in the meantime I have not been idle however, I have made a whole bunch of item budget formulas and encounter blueprints / design and some database editing - although I missed your comment :O!
  14. How does one get a .WMO file from WoW? I want to edit .WMO files with Blender although I cannot find a way to get a .WMO file in the first place to then start learning with the .WMO tutorials on MC.net. I am working with 1.12.1 Classic WoW, I tried using WMOEditor although it seems that it not work with 1.12.1 Classic WoW. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?
  15. Knight's Hollow (a.k.a the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) (Level Range 29-37, Requires Levels 29-32) Five-Man Dungeon Located at the Knight's Hollow in Duskwood (a.k.a. the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) Note: There is an unmarked grave behind Beggar's Haunt in Duskwood that is also know as the Tomb of the Forgotten Soldier. It is presumably believed that this is the location for the entrance to the cut Classic World of Warcraft dungeon - Knight's Hollow as seen with a striking resemblance in-game (as displayed in the above image) to an 'unearthed' cut Loading Screen for the instance as found within The Art of World of Warcraft as displayed here with the topmost instance loading screen. Dungeon Level Sections: Dungeon Section One: (Requires Level 29) -Trash Elite Levels: 31 (++), 30 (++++), 29 (+++), 28 (+) -Boss Level(s) 32 [Two Bosses] [One Rare-Elite Level 32] Dungeon Section Two: (Requires Level 30) -Trash Elite Levels: 32 (+++), 31 (++++), 30 (+++++) -Boss Level(s) 33 [Three Bosses] Dungeon Section Three: (Requires Level 31) -Trash Elite Levels: 33 (++), 32 (+++++), 31 (++), 30 (+) -Boss Level(s) 34 [Two Bosses] [One Rare-Elite Level 32] Dungeon Section Four: (Requires Level 32) -Trash Elite Levels: 34 (+++++), 33 (++++), 32 (+) -Boss Level(s) 35 [One Final Boss] (-Matthew Gordon Roulston 4:30 AM 01/07(July-Canada-Day/2016)