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  1. Nupper

    Legion -> Wotlk Multi Converter

    wings tend to be buggy on creatures like Kill'jeaden2 and Val'kyre
  2. Nupper

    [QUESTION:Wrath] New Dungeon Difficulty

    I cannot select in my case just display at the moment apparently there is something about Max_Dungeon_Difficulty...but not found it client side.
  3. I found code for a third Dungeon Difficulty in the client i was woundering how i could enable it on trinitycore. I found theses codes in the client DUNGEON_DIFFICULTY3 = "Epic (Unused)"; UnitPopupButtons["DUNGEON_DIFFICULTY3"] = { text = DUNGEON_DIFFICULTY3, dist = 0 }; I managed to make it visable in-game but atm the button is a dud (I renamed it to Mythic)
  4. Nupper

    Capturing PvP Objectives

    It was the WorldstateUI.dbc for some reason it dose not display it when new lines are added.
  5. Me and my friend are trying to recreate the scourge event we got everything but when a player becomes a ghoul alliance and horde Npcs do not attack the player.
  6. Nupper

    Time Units Convertor

    Threat Blocked: Infection: Drep
  7. Nupper


    Blizzard uses the Ghost Gate object.
  8. Nupper

    Alastor Void Case Pack

    Issue with karrigan's feet when jumping or sitting also partially underground.
  9. Nupper

    Alastor Void Case Pack

    All apart from karrigan
  10. Nupper

    Alastor Void Case Pack

    Some of the models do not work in 3.3.5a
  11. Nupper

    All Artifact Items

    Version 3.3.5a


    This dose not contain DBCs or Patched versions. Some Items may not function properly due to Wrath Limitations