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  1. murjeff

    BfA Updated Models

    Nice job, I wonder if you can send me some of the M2 and BLP files of the totems so i can port them to vanilla.
  2. murjeff

    Upright orcs?

    So upright orcs just went live into the alpha BFA servers. I dont really understand how to swap models and i ask the proffesionals here, if its possible to swap the hunched model with the upright one in vanilla or any other older version of WoW?
  3. Great job as always, can't wait for the release of 1.3! You are a god! Keep up the good work! There are people praising you out there.
  4. @Uthil Hey bro, i love your work. I really love it. Anyway, i got a question about the weapon/armor improved models for vanilla. In your previous update you said that you are 80% done with them. Can you share some info about their release?