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  1. Zentarg

    Looking for recent Noggit version.

    Have there been any releases since this ?
  2. Zentarg

    Object shadow bug

    Alright, nice to know that it only appears on low quality =) Thanks for the answer =P
  3. Zentarg

    Object shadow bug

    The noggit version I'm using: Noggit SDL 3.1222 BETA I'm having a problem with the shadows left behind by objects that I have deleted staying behind. These shadows also occur with objects that are still there, but the shadows move with the terrain. In this particular example, there are shadows from the broken wall, that is moving along the terrain that I have edited, aswell as the shadows from a tree that I deleted long ago: (I don't know how to upload a picture with this editor, so I'm trying imgur) http://i.imgur.com/koaf4pp.jpg