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  1. Gurluas

    [HELP] Porting Vulpera

    Try using the Vulpera from the early alpha, might be more similar to Legion?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is the female Vulpera pirate ported to 3.3.5 as a test. Patch-V.mpq
  3. Gurluas

    Cascexplorer dead?

    I can't seem to open any new online archives with Cascexplorer, it just crashes when trying to open an archive. Only wow beta works now. Cascexplorer was last update August 4th, yet nobody seems to give a damn that it doesn't work anymore? What gives? How are you extracting stuff? EDIT: Fix here:
  4. Gurluas

    some 7.3 wmos to 335 crash

    How do you even port WMOs to 3.3.5 from Legion? I haven't seen any released other than the ones in that Alpha pack. Are people just hoarding everything now? There's very little stuff being released.
  5. Gurluas

    [Request] Steam Tank

    The game actually has a model for the Warcraft 3 era Pre-TFT Steam Tank in the Vanilla Dwarf character creation screen. There is a ruined one in the game. but the only intact one is in the character creation screen. I'd be really thankful if someone could rip this out of the character creation model, and turn it into a standard doodad for 3.3.5.
  6. Gurluas

    Legion Animation on Vanilla Model in Wotlk

    I tested it. Draenei males crash and Draenei females have their eyes missing the glow. The others seem to work, except for one big issue. All their head geosets appear in the neck. Any idea how to fix it? EDIT: I may have found a fix, using 010editor you can edit the attachments so they match the original models.
  7. Gurluas

    Loadingscreen is Neon Green

    It's 3.3.5 and it's definitely number 3. The problem is, I don't know how the texture file gets damaged. It's not indexed or anything. The reason I didn't ask is because of the possibility that it was a known issue. EDIT: Heres the file, can someone look it over?
  8. So in Legion they updated all the vanilla models with new animations which is pretty cool if you want to stick to those model but have better anims. However when I tried to port it, it resulted in this. Anyway to fix it?
  9. Gurluas

    Loadingscreen is Neon Green

    So I'm trying to make a new loading screen, I save it as a png using paint, size 1024x1024, then I convert it to a blp. But when I run it ingame, it's just neon green. Any idea how to fix it?
  10. Gurluas

    HoTs to Wow texture problem

    Well you can always recolor her tabard to have the Argent logo
  11. Gurluas

    HoTs to Wow texture problem

    I'm surprised you're porting standard Johanna and not the Spellbreaker one. I take it you're not gonna use this for a wow server but a special project?
  12. Gurluas

    HoTs to Wow texture problem

    Actually I think they were elsewhere. There is a folder containing materials or something. heroes.stormmod\base.stormassets\Assets\Textures It should be here. They are .dds and not .blp, Irfanview can convert them to PNG, and then you should be able to convert them to BLP.
  13. Gurluas

    HoTs to Wow texture problem

    Textures are separate yes, but the m3 should contain the UV map and such.
  14. I really want to port the Plainsrunning spell to 3.3.5, yet the spell format is vastly different from TBC to 3.3.5 and I could simply not make it work. did anyone succeed or have an understanding on how to properly port it?
  15. Gurluas

    Morphs that change outfit and skin

    Ofc I did, Like I said, it's a mystery. Perhaps I can PM you the prototype patch so you can look it over? EDIT: Doublepost, oops.