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  1. Legitdeadeye

    Changing Icons [Need Assistance]

    Hello everyone =) This question is directed to those who are really familiar with wow and the type of icons it has. In WotLK our fishing bobber icon ( The one when you mouseover the bobber and its this yellowish icon) So I was going through some of the newer expansion icons and I'm just wondering if it is possible to maybe take the new icon and using it as my own fishing bobber icon just for fishing. If anyone have an idea on where to start then please show me in the direction i need to go. If it is in the dbc's please let me know which one so i can start playing around. Thank you for reading and i hope you have a great day. L.
  2. Legitdeadeye

    Jaina's Files in DBC

    Hey man. nevermind. Turns out im pretty retarded. I got what I wanted so yeah. have a great week
  3. Legitdeadeye

    Jaina's Files in DBC

    well i meant from BFA to wotlk. but I cant find anything related to Jaina in creaturedisplay.dbc. Do you maybe know that id its on? thanks man
  4. Legitdeadeye

    Jaina's Files in DBC

    Can someone point me in the direction to where to find Jaina's skins in dbc files (No idea if I'm asking it even correctly) I want make jaina's model in wotlk to the one from BFA Thank you and have a great week
  5. Legitdeadeye

    Shadows for objects (HELP)

    Well there are no shadows.
  6. Legitdeadeye

    Shadows for objects (HELP)

    let me rephrase what i meant by adding shadows haha. (I'm noob so let me try say as much as I can) SO basically I figured out that the sahdows are automatically generated, However what i wanted to know is would it auto generate shadows on a private server which im playing and testing my maps on, or will it only work on my own server. Thank you Wunga for your replies =)
  7. Legitdeadeye

    Release BFA to WOTLK - Creatures/Objects/WMO's

    Complete noob here. I can't get the models to work on modelviewer. i just see white texture. Is there some way to fix this? Thank you =)
  8. Legitdeadeye

    Lets get Foxy hehe

    thank you =)
  9. Legitdeadeye

    Lets get Foxy hehe

    So I turned Armored brown bear into Fox mount that was given in the patch by Poisonleaf. (love the mounts) Was wondering if it was possible to change the name of the mount? Thank you <3
  10. Legitdeadeye

    Every M2 object from Cata till BFA (3.3.5a)

    Great release thank you so much This is really helpful when creating zones and other places. <3
  11. Legitdeadeye

    Shadows for objects (HELP)

    shadows for m2's yes.
  12. Legitdeadeye

    Shadows for objects (HELP)

    Well You know how objects have shadows. A Tree has a shadow. if you move a box in noggit. theres a little shadow. I just want to know how I can add shadows to trees and other objects if there is a way of course
  13. Legitdeadeye

    Mac wow not seeing custom islands

    All my friends got the same patch. They are well aware on how to put the patches in. Been making patches for us for a 6 months. All my friends can see the custom island except my friend with the mac. And he knows the most about MPQ patches and how to install them. He just simply can't see the custom island.
  14. Legitdeadeye

    Mac wow not seeing custom islands

    and yes he does have MPQ files.
  15. Legitdeadeye

    Mac wow not seeing custom islands

    I made a custom island within the blue walls of eastern kingdoms and he can see that perfectly. It's just that he cannot see anything I created outside the blue wall