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  1. Hey! You might have noticed that NPC looks like it's using old texture instead of HD. This happens because npc use BakedNpcTextures (.mpq\Textures\BakedNpcTextures\) There you will find tons of textures for npc You will have to change all of them to make them hd
  2. Malice

    HELP Error converting char model HD to WotLK

    The problem is in poly overlimit
  3. Malice

    HELP Error converting char model HD to WotLK

    Hello! You can open model control tab and find mesh with strange id. But... If you have just converted model with Adspartan's converter, you've erased overlimited meshes
  4. Malice

    What Are You Working On?

    Just finished Nightborne allied race for 3.3.5a It was some kinda test I hope i will show more models in near future Enjoy!