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  1. Sacrotar

    WowError after 40 minutes

    I had same or similar issue with my added map to blizz one. mine was caused by non existing areas that were still placed on the "new map" now it no longer happens once i repainted all of them to an existing one. Might try to give that a look. Disclaimer: im not sain its 100% the same issue.
  2. Sacrotar

    Custom Area not showing in Noggit

    Sorry thought it would be obvious that im trying to add new zone to an existing map, since i said im doing this for a blizz map. What im trying to do is add Cataclysm style Gilneas to the old Eastern Kingdoms map or rather i did that now im just stuck on this small issue when ever i open the area tool than my new custom parent area does not show in the list.... or any other areas i made in the dbc file. i tried to modify more than this file without any change. For exmple WorldMapArea.dbc which doesnt really relate to this but still. I tried to add the new area by changing adt in taliis did not work either.. well kinda worked once but it crashed the game immediately so i gave that up. *Now the thing is -I know that i have to add it with noggit- but i am not able to select it since it doesnt show in the list of avalible areas.* I hope i explained it correctly this time. Thanks
  3. Hello. I have a little problem with a custom area not showing up in noggit. To be fair im trying to edit a Blizz map, but i dont think that should be an issue. Looked up couple of tutorials once i first ran in to this issue they didnt describe anything new i didnt already know but still i tried to follow them without any success. And just to prevent this answer: Yes patch is where is supposed to be and all the folders inside are done correctly. Thanks ahead for any sugestions. Edit:not even changing existing ones works