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  1. Asystol

    Release Legion/BFA Armory for wotlk 3.3.5a

    Update 1 is done and Project was renewed Have fun!
  2. Asystol

    UPDATE 1

    Update 1 (21/09/2018) - Added Icons for all Items - replaced Horde PVP twohanded Sword - Many PVE Weapons/Shields added (replaced ingame Weapons/Shields) - patch Database updated - download link in the primary post is updated Pls report Bugs, such as missing textures ore else. As you see in the Database, like class quest item preparations, I am not at the end with this patch. More Updates will follow as time permits. wishes are welcome too PVP WEAPONS 18828/High Warlord's Cleaver = 161679/dread-gladiators-cleaver 18831/High Warlord's Battle Axe = 161690/dread-gladiators-decapitator 18833/grand-marshals-bullseye = 161680/dread-gladiators-longbow BLP18835/High Warlord's Recurve = 161702/dread-gladiators-longbow 23456/Grand Marshal's Swiftblade = 161708/dread-gladiators-slicer 12584/Grand Mashal's Longsword = 161708/dread-gladiators-slicer 23467/High Warlord's Quickblade = 161687/dread-gladiators-slicer 16345/High Warlord's Blade = 161687/dread-gladiators-slicer 18876/Grand Marshal's Claymore = 161692/dread-gladiators-greatsword 18860/high-warlords-street-sweeper = 161691/dread-gladiators-rifle 18855/grand-marshals-hand-cannon = 161701/dread-gladiators-rifle 23466/high-warlords-spellblade = 161707/dread-gladiators-spellblade 18840/high-warlords-razor = 162016/dread-gladiators-shanker 23451/grand-marshals-mageblade = 161681/dread-gladiators-spellblade 18838/grand-marshals-dirk = 161681/dread-gladiators-spellblade 23465/high-warlords-destroyer = 161684/dread-gladiators-bonegrinder 18868/high-warlords-pulverizer = 161684/dread-gladiators-bonegrinder 23455/grand-marshals-demolisher = 161703/dread-gladiators-bonegrinder 18867/grand-marshals-battle-hammer = 161703/dread-gladiators-bonegrinder 18871/high-warlords-pig-sticker = 161685/dread-gladiators-pike 18869/grand-marshals-glaive = 161700/dread-gladiators-pike 23464/high-warlords-battle-mace = 161706/dread-gladiators-gavel 18866/high-warlords-bludgeon = 161706/dread-gladiators-gavel 23454/grand-marshals-warhammer = 161683/dread-gladiators-gavel 18865/grand-marshals-punisher = 161683/dread-gladiators-gavel 18874/high-warlords-war-staff = 161686/dread-gladiators-staff 18873/grand-marshals-stave = 161699/dread-gladiators-staff 18877/high-warlords-greatsword = 128908/warswords-of-the-valarjar (red) 18830/grand-marshals-sunderer = 155055/soul-curse-executioner PVP SHIELDS 18825/Grand Marshal's Aegis = 161698/dread-gladiators-barrier 18826/High Warlord's Shield Wall = 161677/dread-gladiators-barrier PVE WEAPONS 34609/quickening-blade-of-the-prince = unknownID/sword_1h_turalyon_d_01 50210/seethe = 128820/felomelorn 45516/voldrethar-dark-blade-of-oblivion = 152094/taeshalach 45233/stormrune-edge = 160686/voror-gleaming-blade-of-the-stalwart (blue) 45868/aesirs-edge = 160686/voror-gleaming-blade-of-the-stalwart (purple) 46016/abaddon = 160686/voror-gleaming-blade-of-the-stalwart (yellow) 49888/shadows-edge = 50840/frostmourne-broken 49623/shadowmourne = 49706/frostmourne PVE SHIELDS 51909/neverending-winter = 51909/neverending-winter (orange, custom) 40701/crygils-discarded-plate-panel = 91558/malevolent-gladiators-redoubt 47448/bastion-of-resolve (red) = 161695/dread-gladiators-shield-wall (red) 47287/bastion-of-resolve (red) = 161695/dread-gladiators-shield-wall (red) 48040/pride-of-the-korkron (green) = 161695/dread-gladiators-shield-wall (green) 47895/pride-of-the-korkron (green) = 161695/dread-gladiators-shield-wall (green) 47421/forlorn-barrier (blue) = 161677/dread-gladiators-barrier (black) 47260/forlorn-barrier (blue) = 161677/dread-gladiators-barrier (black) 48055/aegis-of-the-coliseum (red) = 161677/dread-gladiators-barrier (red) 47910/aegis-of-the-coliseum (red) = 161677/dread-gladiators-barrier (red) 47085/bastion-of-purity (blue) = 161698/dread-gladiators-barrier (gold) 47079/bastion-of-purity (blue) = 161698/dread-gladiators-barrier (gold) 47963/vigilant-ward (green) = 161698/dread-gladiators-barrier (silver) 47812/vigilant-ward (green) = 161698/dread-gladiators-barrier (silver) 46964/crystal-plated-vanguard (yellow) = 161697/dread-gladiators-shield-wall (gold) 46963/crystal-plated-vanguard (yellow) = 161697/dread-gladiators-shield-wall (gold) 47978/bulwark-of-the-royal-guard (blue) = 161697/dread-gladiators-shield-wall (silver) 47835/bulwark-of-the-royal-guard (blue) = 161697/dread-gladiators-shield-wall (silver) 40475/barricade-of-eternity = 139165/bloodseekers-bulwark CLASS QUESTS DEATHKNIGHT CLASS QUESTS DRUID CLASS QUESTS HUNTER CLASS QUESTS MAGE CLASS QUESTS PALADIN CLASS QUESTS PRIEST CLASS QUESTS ROGUE CLASS QUESTS SHAMAN CLASS QUESTS WARLOCK 15109/staff-of-soranruk = 128941/scepter-of-sargeras (6-yellow) CLASS QUESTS WARRIOR 7120/rugas-bulwark (H) = 128289/scale-of-the-earth-warder 6970/furens-favor (A) = 128289/scale-of-the-earth-warder
  3. Asystol

    Release Legion/BFA Armory for wotlk 3.3.5a

    Hey Borealqt! You can use Variant 2 and put custom DisplayID's to any weapon you want, and then you can use Modelswapper modify any weapon you want with the custom DisplayID, using the program is really simple but if you have any problem you can PM me. Thx for this, i'll have a look at it in the future. Now, as i said, i work on finished patches for everyone whenever my time permits. At the Monent i'm updating patch-B with the Displayicons and working on a 2nd patch for pve Weapons. Hope i can release them soon
  4. Asystol

    Release Legion/BFA Armory for wotlk 3.3.5a

    So finally i created a mpq with backportet BFA PVP weapons! You can find it under Projects [RELEASE] New Weapon Armory for WOTLK 3.3.5a The Item Icons are missing but i´ll try to update that in the future. Maybe further there will follow a Patch for PVE Weapons. I just have to decide what Legion Artifacts or BFA PVE Weapons will replace wich wotlk weapons.
  5. Asystol

    Release Legion/BFA Armory for wotlk 3.3.5a

    Could it be that i can only access to item_template when i make a server on my own or rather i am the owner of the server? I am just playing on a private server that i don`t own and wanna do a patch to apply weapons that i personally like Now i think i will go another way, back to Variant 1, a way without morphing but dressing up wotlk weapon armory - wich i like more now. I`m also thinking about creating a patch for everyone who likes the legion artifacts and bfa weapons. Thx for every input guys and maybe see you soon with a [Release] from me. Already working on that
  6. Asystol

    Release Legion/BFA Armory for wotlk 3.3.5a

    OK thx for your reply, then there is a solution in sight! Would you be so nice to give me a quick manual how to do this? And first of all: where is that item_template File located? Maybe a dumb question but i was not able to find it, even with dr. google. Sounds like it should be in my cache/WDB but there is just itemcache, itemnamecache and itemtextcache and im no sure if itemcache is the one i need. @Zehlendorf its Nazmirraid2Hsword, from BFA
  7. Hi! I´ve never had to do with game modding but the work of Finsternis and Uthil has given me something and i´m learning! So what am i trying to do? As the title says, i`m backporting weapons from BFA/Legion to Wotlk more or less successfully. What steps have i reached until now? 1. extracted .m2, .blp, .skin files, particle textures (found in the m2. file with 010 editor) from WOW data successfully 2. converted the .m2 file with aspartans m2 converter 3. (VARIANT 1) changed the names of the new .m2, .blp and .skin files to names of an old Weapon i found in itemdisplay.dbc. So an an old weapon was overwritten with the new weapon 4. packed everything in a custom mpq patch and added that patch to 3.3.5a data folder. 5. I use dmorph for wotlk ( ) to display the Weapons on my character 6. Its working without any problems! So whats the matter? I dont wanna overwrite old Items with the new ones - (VARIANT 2) I want to add the new Weapons to the game without overwriting any items. So i extraced the item.dbc and itemdisplayinfo, added new ItemID`s, added the new Weapons with their original Names (also changed the m2, blp and skin files in my patch to that) and packed that in the patch. So everything works again, EXCEPT ONE THING: When the weapon is steathed on back or is held in hand its OK! But when i enter combat, its animated like my character fights unarmed. the Weapon is still shown on back and handheld but autoattacks are animated like unarmed "swings". Skill attacks, like Crusader Strike or Divine Storm animation use the Weapon as it should be, only autoattack animations are affected. So is there anything else to edit in the dbc files or anything else like that i have forgotten to do for Variant 2? M2 Files should be OK, because otherwise they won´t work in Variant 1 dbc files don´t contain swing animations as i know I Hope someone can help me, maybe then there´s gonna be a patch release one day with all Artifact weapons for wotlk Greetings Asystol EDIT: Renamed the title of that topic so ppl, who are looking for things like that (seen many forum entries searching for legion weapons and so on) have an easier way to find.