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    Bug M2 Draw distance problems

    Greetings, I have this problem where certain M2s have a draw distance lower than 20 yards. This is of course pretty game-breaking and I can't see myself continuing to make the map unless I get atleast some kind of fix to this. This is my second custom map. On the first one I had islands with trees on it and you couldn't see the trees on the other island. After that I decided to make a completely new map. I had no problems at all for the first month or so, but I was just placing trees and bushes and forming hills. I also tried deleting the M2s and replacing them with new ones (from Model Viewer), but that didn't change anything. So it's either the location of the M2s or the M2 (model) itself. Do some trees have shorter draw distance than others? Even if this was the case, it wouldn't be 10-20 yards though... Well, I'm going to include the video and am hoping you guys can help me out here. Thanks.