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  1. red

    Armature Renamer?

    I'm not looking to convert them back to m2. I'm wanting them for blender and VR avatars. Really what would be important would be the basic setup of the armature, neck/head/legs/arms/hips/spine/chest. IK helper bones can be done easily based on position and weights. Extra bones like bwonsamdi has for anything that could physics animated like back or hair can be done without issue.
  2. red

    Armature Renamer?

    Hey! I'm looking to do wow models for blender. I've exported and am trying to work on Bwonsamdi as a test. I've noticed that, while all the bones are present when I export them from model viewer, all of them are labeled 1-160. Is there a tool, max or blender script available to rename them to some more 3d friendly like arms/legs/neck? Otherwise I would need to go through and rename all of them manually. Cheers.
  3. red

    What Are You Working On?

    Would you be willing to make a tutorial on how to do it?
  4. red

    What Are You Working On?

    Are there any limitations with this method?
  5. Has anyone figured out which DB2s and which columns need to be edited to create a new custom map on Legion? I'm having a bit of trouble since not everything about the new columns they added in legion are defined at all.