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  1. wungasaurus

    GroundEffectDoodad downport SOLVED

    there is a tool called "list_root" somewhere around here. otherwise, bnet.marlam.in/files.php
  2. wungasaurus

    GroundEffectDoodad downport SOLVED

    WotLK does not support anim scale and push scale, so entries using that will be broken. WotLK does not support all flags that cata+ does, so some colours will be broken at least. Other than that, you just need to resolve the file ID to a filename and you're done. There likely is no existing tool for this. GroundEffectTexture has no additional columns but needs reordering of columns.
  3. wungasaurus

    CASCHost guide

    There is a difference between / and _.
  4. wungasaurus

    Request In need of Items folder

    CascExplorer doesn’t need an installed game but can directly download specific files.
  5. wungasaurus

    CASCHost guide

    A dot in that view does not mean there is a dot but may mean the byte is not printable. You can see that as well on the left side where instead of a dot, you have a `00`.
  6. wungasaurus

    Armature Renamer?

    Well in the file, there is key bone lookup, and every bone has a crc32 of the bone name they gave it. We know the names for roughly 40 of them, thus the crc, but we can’t tell for the other 100, other than brute force.
  7. wungasaurus

    Shadows for objects (HELP)

    The server has absolutely no relevance to shadows.
  8. wungasaurus

    Shadows for objects (HELP)

    Shadows are defined here: https://wowdev.wiki/M2/.skin#shadow_batches The last line claims it is autogenerated given the condition. I'm not sure it is realistic matching that condition in your case so you may need to manually generate shadow batches. You can probably look at existing trees and copy most of it.
  9. wungasaurus

    Mac wow not seeing custom islands

    The only reason there can be for not seeing an island „outside of the blue walls“ i.e. „the blue walls not changing“ is that the WDT file change is not seen by the client. That’s all I can say. Without the data, no way to debug it.
  10. wungasaurus

    Mac wow not seeing custom islands

    and you're sure the correct wdt file is in that mpq?
  11. wungasaurus

    Mac wow not seeing custom islands

    Well, does he have the MPQs? Did he put them at the right point? If you’re using a modified exe, does he?
  12. wungasaurus

    Shadows for objects (HELP)

    shadows as in? m2 shadows when not having a shadow mesh are auto-generated. do you mean low-shadow-quality adt baked shadows?
  13. wungasaurus


    This is all client side, so the server can't do anything about it (unless it overrides weather by spell or stuff, but that's active, not just what happens when you log onto random servers.)
  14. wungasaurus


    That’s the https://wowdev.wiki/DB/Light family of databases. For the “old” clouds, Light*Band and LightParams. For new ones, mostly LightSkybox.
  15. wungasaurus

    Moving objects (Noggit)

    This means it is the thing I mentioned: the server querying *specific* files signatures. Yeah, this has been in since BC. Some emulators probably do it, but they highly unlikely do all files, and I am not aware of Blizzard doing so.