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Found 19 results

  1. Koshey_Z

    I guess i need a little help

    So... I finally improved this terrifying flying beast, only to discover that I absolutely do not know how to bring it into game. So... Yeah, i guess i need a little help, if anyone interested. Please?
  2. sarro

    help Ysera for WoLK

    Help me pls. I want model Ysera from Cata to WolK 3.3.5 and her CreatureModelData
  3. Serifaz

    help Invisible m2 in game.

    Hello all, I have a problem with my m2 I am working on. I can't see it in game, all I see is a shadow. I am using mdx to m2 lazy I have done this before no problem but for some reason it is giving me trouble now. I think it is possibly a texture issue but I'm unsure. any ideas?
  4. Hello there, I have a problem with Legion Textures showing as totally green. Strangely enough it is only some of them... Well still most of them. Anyway, I have tried converting the image to indexed color - doesn't work. Tried to convert the image from 32 bit to 8 bit - doesn't work. I also tried to use BLiPster and convert with character texture - didn't work either. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please any tips much appriciated. EDIT: WORKS NOW. Turned out I had foward slashes (/) instead of backward slashes (\) in the dbc file. For anyone stupid like me. Works like a flaw now:
  5. Hey I recently moved over to Cataclysm 4.3.4 from WOTLK 3.3.5a and decided to port over the itemdisplayinfo.dbc information (From what I saw it has the exact same layout) so I updated it and ported it in, however... ingame the weapons /items from expansions above 4.3.4 are showing as blue/white checker-ed boxes, just curious as to what is causing it.. ItemDisplayInfo.dbc Line (example) : Could it be the conversion from WOTLK > 4.3.4 causing the problem? does it mean that the m2/skin files have not ported up correctly? When this happened before that they were done incorrectly, the model would cause a client crash however that isn't happening. I've tried with both the 010 editor script from this website (WLK > Cata) and a file called jM2converter but both have the same box outcome. Any help would be appreciated, unless the layout of the DBC is different to 3.3.5a when I copied it.. but from what I can see, it was the same.
  6. Hi. I am trying to use one of the new legion widescreen loading screens in 3.3.5, but they just change back into small screen mode when i try to load them. Is this possible?
  7. XodusArt2

    OBJ to WMO (Legion) - HELP!

    So, I'm trying to convert an object into WMO format using the blender plugin. I get it exported just fine, ingame I see nothing but the collision is working. I don't know what DBC groups to put it is, I don't know what export settings so I just go with default. It's a dock wmo, so fully outdoors, no portals. Please help :(.
  8. Hey guys I have a custom bloodelf model. the model contains new geosets. Some of these geosets I want to hide others like hands / feet and chest. Is there a way to do this with hex editing the model / skin files?
  9. Hi guys! Im new with this about modding and that stuff, so dont be surprise if I do fuck up extremely So, I compiled my server in trinitycore 3.3.5, and I tried to add some races, I follow this tutorial:! But...I fail, in simples steps I did this: 1) I extract the required dbc files from C:\Trinity\Source\bin\Release\dbc and edit them in Talis 2) I extract the luas and xml from the enUS patches and edit them 3) I did the sql files and run them on Heidi on the world dbc 4) I created the patch, with the correct roots, I putted in wow and the edited dbc files in the C:\Trinity\Source\bin\Release\dbc back again 5) But! I run the server and I encounter this errors: (It says: "Error creating character") and in the log of the server I found this: Also, when I start the server it just ignores all the sql I just putt ( Also, I created another sql for creating blood elves warrior, and that one for a reason work...while the others its just being ignored, and in the release directory I found a note "DBErrors" with this text: I have been alredy weeks with this going trough forums withouth any answer, if someone could help I would be really thankfull!
  10. This is frustrating as all hell! There are so few vanilla / classic / 1.12.1 WoW Modding tutorials and tools that actually work and are not 'link-dead' in the first place. I have found scores and scores of tools for 3.3.5 and up but ~95% of them all crash and or corrupt vanilla files! I can't find enough of the damned vanilla tools to do anything but add small changes -AHH!! I want to do do big changes and modifications that are not non-player character clones or item display dupes with small changes and other small scale modifications! I have had to 'mickey mouse' / non-orthodoxically combine so many half-working tools together in order to get something that works that I am surprised that any people mod vanilla at all :-(. Does anyone know where the vanilla compatible tools are that actually work? Is there a forum or a website or place -somewhere- that has vanilla tools and methods and tutorials that are compatible with vanilla's quirks and iterations? If I can somehow get enough damned tools to work for vanilla for big scale modding work I could make a big 'Vanilla Tools that Work and How to Use Them' Page so that vanilla modders could have a resource hub to 'build' from and could stop pulling their hair out trying to make non-vanilla compatible 3.3.5a tools and tutorials work for their vanilla 1.12.1 projects!
  11. How does one get a .WMO file from WoW? I want to edit .WMO files with Blender although I cannot find a way to get a .WMO file in the first place to then start learning with the .WMO tutorials on I am working with 1.12.1 Classic WoW, I tried using WMOEditor although it seems that it not work with 1.12.1 Classic WoW. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?
  12. Hello I want to learn how to completely make more dungeons in Classic WoW and eventually share them to the public when they are finished. Although the last time I did anything in WoW world editing-wise I didn't compile my server and the whole thing exploded - (I think, I cannot remember fully but I messed up server side from not know what the hell I was doing properly). Anyway I have got the WoW modding hankering once again and now my sights are shifted towards learning how to make fun content for WoW (It is something up my alley that I can learn and build my skill set upon for I cant really go to college or university for the next three or so years) while also giving something interesting to write about on a blog that I want to do about this big content blueprint for a 'Super Classic World of Warcraft' (Classic World of Warcraft with more content for all levels). So here is my point: I really suck at using Noggit and the Server Side tools necessary for really creating large scale modifications to Classic World of Warcraft, although I realize that I just need to learn these tools properly and then I can start building in a large scale without everything exploding due to my lack of proper operating knowledge. I am looking for a way to first learn how to make a new dungeon for World of Warcraft (firstly a Classic WoW dungeon for Duskwood to be specific) that I can eventually go - for example: "Here is a new Duskwood Dungeon that is to the same quality standards as the other Classic WoW dungeons - with quest chains and the like for a Classic WoW server, now have fun!". Although I have little in the ways of a proper skill set to use in how I can pull this off - although my desire to do so haunts me so - thus I am here asking for help. I have had a lot of false starts where I had to scrap my work and do it all over again due to myself lacking the technical knowledge in order to avoid such destruction of work. So I am a clean slate once again; most all of what I have done in WoW Modding in the recent past has failed in one way or another and I am now looking for a new direction in which to take - I ask this question to the WoW Modding community: If one were to make a new dungeon for a Classic World of Warcraft server that could be shared to as many people that so desired it once it was completed; how would one complete such a desired, nay such a passionate undertaking - from the first step to the last?
  13. Naxxramas

    Naxxramas Skyrim Mod request...

    Hello members of the Model Changing community. I have come here to make a request from you highly experienced modders. Specifically, I am making a mod in the game Skyrim based on Naxxramas in World of Warcraft. I uploaded a youtube video if you want to see how it looks so far: Now while I am making some decent progress, what I would really like to do is get the models from WoW into Skyrim. I have already exported a lot of files from the WoW model viewer but there are some that I can't like the Necromancer model (because the model viewer crashes when I try to export it), and the drapes and giant skulls that hang from the walls inside Naxxramas. I've looked all through the files and those do not seem to be in there. Furthermore I need to know how to actually import WoW models into Blender then from Blender into Skyrim's Creation Kit. I don't know if this is the right place to ask since this place seems to deal mostly with WoW modding, but I really need to know how to do this and I already asked pretty much everywhere else. Anyway if someone could teach me how to do it or even better make a resource pack I would be very grateful.
  14. Bardh

    Worldserver error

    Hi all, so I've never encountered this kind of error before, its the first time I'm having something like this I haven't done any changes on the server or the server files to doubt in, if anyone knows anything I'd appreciate your help.
  15. WithinAmnesia

    How to fix a world that crashes on start up?

    WoW Error Message: (Attached Text File) WoW Error Message.txt
  16. WithinAmnesia

    [HELP!] N.P.C. Importing Issues:-S

    I feel a bit impotent to be asking so many questions although I am having a bit of a hard time with constant failure working with so many digital creation methods all at once with slow yet gradual progress.
  17. WithinAmnesia

    [Help] How to Create Custom N.P.C.s?

    How does one create custom designed Non-Player Characters in World of Warcraft?
  18. Hello I am new blood here and I have little to no skills with Noggit and or other World of Warcraft editing tools although I really want to learn how to create new content for World of Warcraft ever since I first played back in The Burning Crusade days. I am looking for help to learn how accomplish the above project of mine (in the video) and I have a very hard time learning online by myself and I am very much out of my element with this type of learning although I am very much more enthusiastic to learn through trial and failure for I know myself to have a very deep and strong rooted passion for this line of work and or content creation. I have an ambitious plan to add new content to (a) custom private server(s) and I will need to learn much in the ways and or the masteries of World of Warcraft content editing / modifying and or creation in general to accomplish this lofty and mayhaps even overwhelming goal of my own creation. I have come to realize that I must be strong minded, social yet independent and I must possess a very well rounded and moreover a robust skill set myself for I have little in terms of other people of whom I can come to depend on to complete this deep seeded desire that is my overarching ambitious project of mine. Although I am vague to myself and others of how, when or where my work and or new content may surface for the World of Warcraft private server community for mostly the reason being that I cannot currently host my own server(s) for a myriad of reasons and or personal adversities. I am looking to learn how I can accomplish a long deep niggling desire to convert my labyrinth of concept art from ages new and past into tangible playable and moreover clean and enjoyable content that I can share with the mostly aging private server community population before both my own desire to relive old memories and World of Warcraft itself fade into obscurity. As I continue to work and improve upon my own future projects of my own vision and device for old and future generations alike I sit building my projects up piece by piece, working day after day to make my creative dreams come into the collective gaming fray - I realize that these times now and herein they will come and they will inevitably go; the clock ticks away and I have come to see in the past that time waits for no one. I want to give back to the community which I have been in many ways creatively shaped and inspired by while within the same stroke of action fulfilling a long and slow burning desire within myself. This deep innate and pulsating core desire of mine is to invigourate my many conceptual notebooks, stacks of scattered art saturated pages and looming archives of text and table based conceptual ideas and schemes to life and to give such 'life' to an audience of which I believe would quite enjoy said hypothetical 'life' with also said new content and or 'life' being granted overwhelmingly bug and error free. Thank you for reading and or watching my post :-).
  19. Hi everyone ! I actually port some model from WoD/MoP/Cata to LK, and want to use a lot for mountable model, so here is my main problem : The problem is, in th air the model dont "fly" he just stay like in the screen, and just "move" but there is no animation flying, i try to change some data /w 010 Editor in the .M2 but its dont work, i try to search on the web but didnt find answer So i come here for maybe find an answer ! Btw, the model in wowmodelviewer have flying animation so i didnt understand why its didnt work