Some results and future goals

    By Skarn,

    Hello, Model-Changing Network!

    It has really been a while since we posted something community related here. Yet, the work on the website was still slowly going on and now I want to summarize everything that has been done during this winter and spring months and also talk a little about the new features. 

    I personally would also like to hear your opinions on some ideas, features and other things, so please take some time to read this post ;).

    Besides upgrading our software to the lastest available version of Invision Power Suite, we have also installed a couple of new features that could and most likely would be useful for our community - the FAQ system and Awards system. So, I want to ask you about the way you think we may use these systems.

    FAQ: You can find the new module by choosing "More" in the upper menu and then clicking on "FAQ System". So, this is a full featured FAQ system that, in my opinion, may help us to collect and document all the common problems and obstacles that WoW modders face during the creative process. Right now there is only a section for Noggit-related questions and the WoW Error (crash) section is also to come soon. Even though you cannot create sections yourself, if you have something to document and it does not fit into any of the created categories, just let me know. However, every member is free to add new question/answer topics to any of the categories.

    I'd like to hear your opinions guys on how we can organize the FAQ sections better, what types of issues we could document and solve there. Also feel free to anyhow constructively criticize the idea and tell me honestly what is bad about it (I hope nothing :D), that also includes expressing your own ideas.

    Awards: The other less significant change that was made even before FAQ is Awards system. Basically now we can award members that have created something outstanding, contributed to the community in a major way and so on. This is a feature for the community and it should be driven by the community, in my opinion. So, I ask you members of MC-Net to express your ideas on how we can award our best memebers and what kind of awards should we have. The sample award could be seen on my profile page (also will be displayed under user's avatar on every post). 

    Also feel free to discuss here any ideas, opinions or problems related to the community that you consider worth to be discussed.

    And yes, we want to say thank you for everyone using MC-Net and especially to those who contribute to the community. Even though the community is not yet very active, it is fascinating to know that about 300 different people regularly visit it and use the gained knowledge to bring their WoW modding ideas into life. Thank you for reading!


    wowdev wiki now at

    By wungasaurus,

    Hey all,

    Our faithful wiki host Mads whom has hosted the wowdev wiki for many years at and until lately no longer has time to maintain the wiki actively, so we've decided to move it to a new home at where we can once again actively maintain it against spambots and the such. There is also once again the ability to add pages and to create accounts. The old accounts should still be available.

    There might be some initial transition bugs here and there, after those are worked out we hope we can manage Mads to free up some time to redirect the old wiki to the new one. 

    We would love to see you all use the wiki, and maybe contribute to it. See you at!

    Solution For Crashing Software (caused by Windows Update)

    By Skarn,

    Hello, Model Changing community. Since a few weeks ago many people started experiencing weird problems with most cmd-based software that is used in WoW modding. The issue only appears for Windows 10 users who updated their systems up to KB3116908 update. The cause of the problem is cygwin1.dll located in the folder along with the tool. It is outdated and is no longer relevant to new Windows standarts, so please download it from here and replace. I will replace the DLLs in WoWDevKit soon.

    For people encountering this bug in the future: If one of your tools creates multiple processes on launch until your PC freezes and goes out of memory, try doing what I said here.

    Big thanks to Cromon and everyone else who helped out figuring out this issue. Big shame on Microsoft Support for sending me to check my system for viruses and doing System File Scan. Happy modding, everyone.