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Haradon general map



This is the general map of the world of Haradon, I thank Skarn for his tutorial which made it possible for me to make this map. This is just a general design but not everything will look like this ingame.Currently the finished zones for the project are: Meadows of Tears, Brimstone, The Mighty Falls and Fogshire.


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Do you still work on Haradon or did you entirely switch to Abyss? Would love to explore an entire new continent. :3

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I thank you for your interest. To be honest it has been some weeks since I have worked on Haradon but the whole idea of the continent is already created. I'm working in Abyss since I found it interesting to work on editing blizzard zones. I've got so much experience working on Abyss and I think that such experience will be much needed on Haradon project. You must understand that Haradon project has too few people working on it, the whole world is currently being worked only by me and my brother so things sometimes go slow also because of our real life obligations. Anyone who is interested on working in this project can contact us, every bit of help is appreciated. Soon I think we'll begin working towards the Fields, especially Lightshire Town.

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