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  3. I think it would be cool to have players be able to vote on which variant of the battleground to play. Then the server places them on that variant.
  4. It's no problem to send you data what you want, but why you need another copy of same BG somewhere on the map?
  5. could / would you uploading this version of the goblins? it looks more as awesome (perfect).
  6. Any chance you would consider placing all your map variants into the empty space on their corresponding battlegrounds? I'd do it myself but their isn't a list-file. ex
  7. Hello! we are looking for specialists in two areas: 1. development of WoW 3.3.5 interfaces (Lua/XML) 2. development of mods for WoW 3.3.5 (Models, visual effects, working with DBC and other game files) we can work both at a fixed price and at a salary(high). Write on the forum in a private message.
  8. Your help has been great, I'll follow your example with the other races' textures I need - I'm sure I'll figure out how to downport these models eventually.
  9. Honestly, that's out of my scope of knowlege. I'm still in procces of figuring out how to properly import some of new armour to wotlk. I beleave importing the character models would be even more difficult. So no help from me with this. Sorry
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, I have new battleground layout for Alterac Valley ready to release Patch is for 3.x.x. Full info about patch -
  11. That did work. I will follow your format for the rest, I think I understand now. About the m2 file and the ASP.NET Skin files; Would the MultiConverter work to add it to the MPQ? I gave it a go and end up with crashes, unfortunately. Edit: I suppose I didn't make it clear - in addition to a skin texture, it is also a model edit that I would like to retro-port.
  12. I was wondering if there is any way for 3.3.5 client side to make it so the Moonkin for and Tree form will have the same effect as if you glyphed it in later patches. I want make it so when i go tree form or moonkin form that i don't change into the tree or the lazer chicken i simply want it to show my character with gear on even tho im in the respective forms. Any answer or link to threads where this is explained or figured out is highly appriciated!
  13. Hei looking for someone that can retroport some gear sets and weps from Cata, MoP and Legion to 3.3.5.
  14. Здравствуйте! Ищем специалистов по двум направлениям: 1. Разработка интерфейсов WoW 3.3.5 (Lua/XML) 2. Разработка модов для WoW 3.3.5 (Модели, визуальные эффекты, работа с DBC и другими файлами игры) Можем работать как по фикс цене так и на зарплате(высокая). Писать на форуме в личное сообщение.
  15. All green skin issues, as far as I understand are connected with wrong blp format. Try this patch for Night Elf females for test. It is fully working. If it DOES work for you then it's file format problem. If it doesn't then there is something else. patch-x.MPQ
  16. Camera Height is given in part by the model(m2) and in part for the numeric data in CREATUREMODELDATA.DBC corresponding to the entry for the original Gnome model. so basically you would need to edit the DBC file in order to fix that part, but im not sure if it will work because the client and the server both would need that dbc correction. I would copy the female troll entry and paste it with the gnome male entry number. keep the gnome entry intact, just add 000 to the entry number and you would have it there for reference or to restore ir if this does'nt work. something that might help you see the character face could be changing the game screen resolution to a not wide screen setting, like 800x600 , 720x576, 1280x960 as the screen is going to be "taller" and you should be able yo see the characters face i hope someone more capable might be able to guide you on this. good luck buddy.
  17. Thank you for the advice, however I'm still turning up green skinned characters.
  18. ty! this site is down aswell any alternatives?
  19. Sorry for a very slow reply. I didnt expect anyone to ever reply to this thread lol. Anyway, The wings are unfortunately not animated. I would love to add animation to them but im not very good at creating animations and i also have no idea at all how to import the rig/armature to the game. And yes, It is gear. its replacement for shoulder.
  20. I absolutely love the Darkness mod, but it kinda throws me off that lanterns and other lights don't actually produce light, for example when walking through stormwind at night. I tried fiddling with Noggit and looking through items to find a light source and I was going to go through every light in the game to add it, but there aren't any pure light sources as far as I could see, only hatches and such. I though about getting the indoor lighting files, but then I realised that they actually skillfully painted interiors brighter to simulate light (and cut down proccesing cost I suppose). Anyways, I was thinking an easier way to do it could be to edit the lantern/torch/streetlight and so on items to have a light in style of the torches and lanterns you can equip, trouble is I have 0 experience in modding wow (getting noggit to run was hard enough haha) so editing items is kind of out of my reach. Hope someone will take their time for this or tell me how I can do this!
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