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  2. i am trying to uv map a character from a race but... i don't know how to uv map the extras so i can't fix the model completely
  3. the skin hair ears beards etc would be located in the character race dbc files there about 3 or 5+ of them can't remember that stores all that info and would need the new ones pathed in there for them to work. Hopefully this helps a little bit it's been a while since ive messed with anything like that.
  4. Sadly the only way to get any of the new bfa stuff to work is by doing Txid on it aka editing it in 010 editor and connecting the correct blps to where they need to go.
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  6. Where can i download it?
  7. Hey Leon, I think you would at least need to get your hands on this first: Very good tool. However, although I do not know your experience with DBC and M2 files, I would assume you are quite new. My best advice to you would be to start very small at first, and then take on bigger tasks. I think there are some tutorials around, but in my opinion, I think it is good to work easy and not stress yourself with too hard tasks. Oh and btw, I found this old utube channel: Try and check some of the videos out, they are old, but they give good insight in retroporting Hope this helps a bit
  8. I have been trying to do some research on world map editing, and while I was capable of making map appear once you enter the area, I can't make it clickable on the continent map. I have a hunch that data required to edit this is stored in zmp file, however, there is no tool to read and edit this file.
  9. Hello, to make things quick, I did see some tutorials but I didn't see any full on guides for retroporting in general. Basically, What I want to do is to be able to import Legion Artifacts, Legion armors, BFA Creature Models, Other Updated BFA models(including armors and weapons). I wanted to use all those models, and kind of like make them into sets or something of the sort. However, I don't want the models replacing existing models, I want to add-on to it. So maybe link me a few guides or links for tools and files, or something of the sort. I dunno
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  11. I understand that, but you shouldn't need to use all the other versions to the newest. It would save file space to have each version standalone and not require one above or below. I don't think anyone wants to have v1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 in their client/Data folder just to use v9. Because some textures are not inside the v9 .MPQ the user now has to either take those textures from one of the other versions .MPQ file and do a little detective work OR place all the other MPQs in their client as well. One is a waste of time and the other is a massive waste of space for about 1mb of textures that should already be in the v9 .MPQ I think you're not understanding me... but I also think I am being quite clear. Anyway, they are your files. Make it hard for others if you want, I guess.
  12. I will not do it. I prefer that everyone can choose files according to their own taste.
  13. Also to answer 8gen question its just my naming for it since i was adding features to this EXE files in waves and this is basicaly 8th time was adding stuff to it I named it that each of the edition was one generation where another one had alwaysmore functions
  14. Seems like I uploaded version that does it beacuse i recently fixed this i will upload new version soon thanks for reporting
  15. done, please update your patch so each version works without previous versions.
  16. Any chance we could get just the NPCS? I already have HD Models from somewhere else that did not include the NPCS, and adding the NPC part of this does not make the NPCs have the new skins.
  17. Hello, check the format in itemDisplayinfo.dbc just copy an existing row of gloves, pants, etc and replace with the new blps do you want to add.
  18. Hi could you delete this file I don't gave you permission
  19. Hello, This tutorial is meant to be a guideline how to use TactAdder. It requieres you to have a local cdn set up. If you dont here is a Tutorial on how todo so: What is TactAdder It is my very own implemenation of the TactNet Library. This lib allows to acces and modify a cdn in various ways. This tool is design to Add/Overwrite files in your local cdn. Be warned. This Programm is in a testing stage so bugs may occur. Where do I get TactAdder As of now the only way to get it is to compile it yourself. You can get the sources in this Repo: Usage Compile from source Run in empty folder Insert listfile ( , - seperated) - You can get it from Open Appsettings.json and make own adjustments Put Files in dataFolderPath in Blizzlike structure (e.g. interface/gluexml/accountlogin.xml) Run again Profit FAQ Q: Does the Mysql-Part work allready? A: No but its beeing worked on. Q: Doe sit host files for me? A: No you need to host the files on a seperate way. Like a simple webserver for 7.3.5 cdns. Q: Why not use Caschost? A: There are several reasons. 1. I beleve in seperation of tasks. A Programm that generates cdn files should not host these and other way round. 2. Caschost does not populate the downlaodfile which will significantly increase client crashes because files can only be downloaded on demand. 3. To achive the same thing as the Adder does you need to run Caschost in static mode. While the static mode of CascHost can take alot of time the Adder is alot faster.
  20. How to fix the gaps at the edge of each ADT? I tried using the Hole tool to cut off the mountain-like margins and when I tried to fill the leftover gaps, either with Hole tool (shift+click) or Fill all gaps (Assist menu), they appear again. These are the gaps i'm talking about (after deletion). Is there a way to fix them? I followed the guide on the Tutorials sections. For clarifying, these are the "mountain-like" margins that were at the edge of each ADT once I created the map.
  21. Reforging in progress, check out the newest changes on our website: We also decided to set up a discord server. See you there!
  22. Reforging in progress, check out the newest changes on our website: We also decided to set up a discord server. See you there!
  23. Vlad

    [Showoff] Shinobi Story - a Naruto RPG

  24. TY for the answer, but i get ban on Warmane, i guess is because of the modified exe
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