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  2. Hey there, I'm making a custom instance/dungeon 5 man. Everything works fine, I can teleport to my custom map if I set the map type to 0 (normal map) but if I change it to 1 (dungeon/party 5man) I can't teleport anymore. Yes, I made 2 entries on MapDifficulty.dbc (for type 0 normal, 1 heroic modes) and still is not working. Any solution please?
  3. Hello Friends I am here again.. (Yay =D) Today I am show you Blood Elves Heritage Armor without helm and collections =/.. But with Blood elves guard polearm (or whatever it is) with Shield. Blood Elves from now have one face with Golden Eyes. Enjoy ^^
  4. I really like the way you work with new models, very nice work Just perhaps you could add some darker lightning (or mist or whatever) to the area surrounding the graveyard? It isn't very happy place nor was it back in the times of humans, wasn't it?
  5. Last week
  6. Hello, I tried to edit some spells, cata 4.3.4 DBCs etc. Do you know something like spell editor that works on cata DBCs? (not only for 3.3.5a)
  7. I'd been inclined to agree, that's where I learned all my worldbuilding skills from, that and trial and error.
  8. Also: CASCHost was not working with WoW BfA at all, until our dearly beloved @MaxtorCoder turned up and saved the day. Praised be @MaxtorCoder!
  9. [Update 1] Added a section on patching the Arctium Custom Connection Launcher
  10. I am using 2.79, I have everything linked like in the tutorial -- do i need a private server download in order to make this work? right now i just have the file path sent to my retail version of wow.
  11. $SND event doesn't working for mounts. @Wpgn Use WDBX editor, it helps you in DBC editing.
  12. Version A.1.0.0


    A user-friendly GameMaster and Developer addon. Supports the latest TrinityCore Master, as well as (presumably) previous expansions. !Early Alpha! Inspired by an old Blizzcon video where parts of the GM interface were revealed (unfortunately, I have since been unable to find it again), and annoyed by the useful yet horrendously designed addons such as GMGenie and TrinityAdmin, I decided to make one of my own1. The end goal is a simplistic Warcraft-style interface for executing the commonly used GM commands. I am still quite far away from it. Features: Convenient toggle-style buttons for the on/off functionality Toggle-able and moveable panels for different utilities Sliders for semiautomatic selection of values Morph panel with dynamic preview
  13. Here you go. Watch these videos to get a general grasp on map editing! ^^
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Most WMOs from cata to BFA ported to 3.3.5a Message me if something isnt working so i can fix/remove it HOW TO CONTACT ME: Discord: Zarkeven#2451 Twitter: @xZarkevenYT patch m- Cataclysm patch n- Mists of Pandaria patch o- Warlords of Draenor patch p- Legion patch q- Battle for Azeroth
  15. thats what i would recommend, practice, practice, practice. ive been working with noggit for months and i still am not satisfied with the terrain i make
  16. 3.2614, I've tried lot of textures and can't find a way to blend them in order to look right, I've played with terrain but does not look good, maybe more practice?
  17. 1. what version of noggit are you using? 2. the textures you would want to use varies on what you would want in that zone 3. i would suggest just messing around, getting a feel for how noggit does certain things before you get into any serious projects 4. to mess with terrain its Shift+ left mouse to raise terrain, and ctrl+ left click to lower terrain, shown below b1769b1c885ae68dfb80c49d36d2cd2f.mp4
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  19. For npc skin , you need to add the naked skin (9) for each
  20. Hey there! I'm working on a map on Noggit and I wonder how to do terrain stuff? This is how my map looks, I will spawn some monsters there, add some trees and rocks but... terrain is flat, what can I do to improve it? Also, textures, I'm using 1 texture, I tried to mix textures and look bad af. Please help!
  21. I just tried this now and sadly it also did not work. Stuck in a bit of rut with it right now. If I have the skin on another race and morph into the desired race using .morph it works - but of course that isn't optimal.
  22. I don't know if you have already did that, but ignore basetype between 0 and 4, they are for old sd models, when modifying HD races. 5 = skin, set up flags to 19 6 = face, should be ok 9 = naked skin, set flags to 19
  23. You want to look at the M2‘s „events“ block: Likely there is a $SND that plays on the MountSpecial track which directly has the ID as data. There might also be a different event that triggers the sound, without data set, meaning it is referenced via CreatureSoundData, which is referenced by CreatureDisplayInfo.
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