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  2. I can't tell either, but i'm glad you solved it!
  3. It needs to be uploaded to a third party site since the mpq file is more than 1 GB, @Poisonleaf had the same problem with one of his patches, something weird happens and messes up any file above 1 GB
  4. Yes please... i dont know why the people encript this things
  5. Last week
  6. Yep, and I've doubled checked everything. I can't see any reason why this won't work. I've botch-solved it though, by making a custom spell which teaches the initial spells and firing it off when the new character spawns. Fortunately, they drop into the action bar where I wanted them to go anyway. It works, but doesn't explain why it never happened normally in the first place...
  7. Just to get this out of the way: did you add the starting spells for Night Elf Mages in "playercreateinfo_action"?
  8. Apologies for asking what must be a common question. I am unable to use Google or similar to search for answers and even the search function on these forums is problematic (I'm living in China, and such things are blocked). I have set up a new race/class combination on a fresh TrinityCore 3.3.5a build (Night Elf Mage). As far as I know, everything is perfectly correct in the ChrClasses, ChrRaces, CharBaseInfo, SkillLine, SkillLineAbility, SkillRaceClassInfo DBCs and in the server database (playercreateinfo, playercreateinfo_skills, player_levelstats, player_classlevelstats and playercreateinfo_action). I can create a Night Elf mage character fine, no issues or warnings, and the character has all the necessary class skills, weapon skills, armour proficiencies, language etc. Stats are correct. No start gear yet, but I know what to do there. The issue is that no spells placed into playercreateinfo_action appear on a new Night Elf Mage's actions bars. This is specific to that race/class combo, all others are fine. Should have, for example, fireball, ice armour and shadowmeld - but nothing ever appears. New spells get learned fine and go to the right places in the spell slots, as do talents. So what the hell am I missing? Annoyingly, I did a similar thing a few years back and don't remember there being an issue. Has TrinityCore somehow buried a section deep in its code to check (outside of the DBC and server data) the combinations? If so, where? I can't find it. If not, is this a client check? Or, more likely, am I forgetting something really obvious... Please help if you're there! This is driving me bonkers. Thanks Scy
  9. Extract the MPQ the listfile is inside, then import the extracted listfile in that same MPQ ("add listfile" button) Or recreate a new MPQ with all the extracted data+the listfile, I don't remember exactly
  10. The listfiles can be remaked? how?
  11. Alrineer

    Plaguewood map

    Hey sh1tdev, I believe it will require teleportation with coordinates
  12. how do i install them what files do i copy over???
  13. hey, im kinda nub haha!, i would love some help to get the mop and wod Challenge mode gear for wotlk3.3.5. maybe even mop legendary cloak effects. will pay ofc
  14. Schaka

    Cata/Mop maps for 335

    Listfiles are inside and just not being read, so it's probably encrypted.
  15. They're missing a listfile, which you can just remake. They're still working patches.
  16. Yes, me... and i need aopen it
  17. Create WoD Login Screen for WoW 3.3.5 !
  18. Schaka

    Cata/Mop maps for 335

    Anyone else unable to open patch-4 and patch-5 (opening in read-only mode - indicating they're malformed)?
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