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  2. A big problem with the vanilla zones is that the skies are extremely low resolution, with the clouds being generated at run-time. WotLK has higher resolution skyboxes, not great ones mind, but better than vanillas. Unfortunately, the original ones were not remade, and look like they're made up of 64x64 textures. I've found the Lightmapper that shows the skybox ID's, but the WotLK nodes are extremely small, with most of the map not being covered by any pins. So how do I, say, find the skybox ID for the majority Grizzly Hills? Or even better, is it possible to have an actual texture rendered on the skybox, so I can create proper high detail skies?
  3. all blizzard models should be available to modders without any paygap, and if you put them into noggit, then it should work fine
  4. Nicolas

    Liberty Island

    Histoire & serveur j'ai mis tout mon talent sur cette map cette île contient un environement lave, jungle, glacial, une île gigantesque une liberté total et inimaginable un endroit paradisiaque, mais grouille aussi de danger, il manque encore beaucoup de chose Le monde aquatique Plonger au coeur de l'immense monde aquatique cette endroit magnifique mais grouille de danger armez vous ! les piranha se sont des élites qui camp autour des coffres font peu de dégat mais leur frappe et très rapide et extrèmement mortel, les poissons il suffit de les tuers et récuperer le poisson, les requins (élite) tue n'importe qui en 1 coup mais donne de bon nutriment, il faut de bonne technique pour réussir à le tuer, les baleines tue en 1/2 coup et charge sur le joueur Ramasser des coquillages permet de récupérer des ressources pour la cuisine Ramasser des escargots permet de récupérer des resssources pour la cuisine Chasser le poisson permet de récupérer le poisson pour la cuisine Chasser le requin permet d'avoir une un gros paquet de viande qu'on peut le manger ou de ressource pour la cuisine Chasser la tortue permet d'avoir aussi de la viande pour la cuisine Chasser la baleine un gros kilo de viande le problème elle charge l'ennemie et peut tuer d'un coup Les créatures sous l'eau disponible Baleine , piranha, requin, tortue, poissons ( des plongeurs touriste ) Ce qu'on peut faire sous l'eau Ramasser des coquillages, chasser le poisson, trouver des coffres des trésors, trouvez des artéfacts, nettoyer les ordures, beaucoup d'exploration, bateau échouée, cadavre de créature mystérieuse, des enquêtes & mission à faire sous l'eau. Ce qu'on peut faire sur l'île on peut manger au restaurant avec une belle vue de la plage et la statue de la liberté pour manger il suffit de placer la nourriture sur la table pour le manger avec des amis, gâteau nouille, soupe, et bien d'autre ! Pêcher n'importe ou tant qu'il y a de l'eau ainsi des bancs Couper des palmiers pour récupérer du bois et des feuilles de palmier Récolter des plantes tropical qui servent à la création d'un remède anti poison Récolter des cerises un peu partout sur l'île Récolter les noix de coco sur les palmiers, faut tirer sois avec un arc ou arme de jet pour le faire tombé quand le noix de coco tombe c'est réaliste Ramasser des coquillages sur la plage Conduire la boué sur l'eau La drogue peut être utilise pour des potions d'énergie Recruter un familier pour vous aider à vous défendre Possible de placer notre maison Possible d'acheter des objets pour décorer notre maison Chasser les oiseaux dans le ciel (viande d'oiseau) Monter en haut du phare par la porte Les familiers disponible Mouton, Raptor, Soldat Merle, Tigre de la jungle, Fourmit des plages, Gnoll rivepatte, Sanglier, Sanglier Adulte, Chaque familier on leur propre technique certains peuvent être nul d'autre non Magasin | batiment disponible Salon de coiffure Animalerie Marché Magasin de jouet Quête Journalière Mineur Récolte de lingot Récolte de raisin Récolte de citrouille Récolte de pastèque Récolte de carotte Récolte de drogue ("endroit cacher bien sûr :D") Récolte de pomme même système que les noix de coco La grande chasse Pompier, Explorateur Autre Les couteaux de jet sur vanilla qui ne sont pas ilimité on été rajouté sur wotlk
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  6. That's fortunate, just wanted to be sure. Seeing how they're all split by default into groups based on their texture, I'm thinking that I should just use a texture atlas, and make the WMO as just one big mesh to keep the draw calls way down. But how would that work with the culling system? I imagine that it's done per object group, so I would have to make each building's interior their own object group, but still have the exterior as one big mesh. But then again, I don't know how the culling functions.
  7. WMOs has both, own geometry and M2 based doodads.
  8. Aha! There we go. So a .WMO is essentially a collection of .M2 meshes, which you use to create the bulk of the scene. Is it possible to make the .WMO itself just one big mesh in 3DS Max? Or does it only take .M2 meshes as it's data?
  9. See this (and all other from Amaroth) lesson
  10. Hey! I try make this guide for you can make you CDN with custom files for 7.3.5 Legion (u other versión). Before I’m sorry for my english level and I hope it can understand you. The first step is download CDN Blizzlike files. Here I share us the CDN Blizzlike files for 7.3.5 26972 (I'm not allowed to share it. When i have time i upload my CDN Files) You must download this files in you server, it can be Linux or Windows, i used Ubuntu server 17. You can use this command in Ubuntu for download from Google Drive: wget chmod +x perl “name of file” Now you must unrar the file in your webhosting app. It can be htdocs or /var/www in case of Linux. If you haven’t Apache installed, you must do it (sudo apt install apache2). You can change the root path of apache2 (cd /etc/apache2 and nano apache2.conf or conf file in some folder) You must have tpr and wow folder of CDN Files you downloaded in root path of apache2 (example: /var/www/tpr and /var/www/wow) You can configure one domain for point your ip. Now you must download CASCHost, you can follow the next guide: But in this guide, you must modify appsettings.json with “Staticmode: True” And you must download this After you must modify and change localhost for your domain, you can have more domains. Example: localhost for localhost 2 for, etc. If you have other CDN Files or versión, you must change the Keys CDN,Build, etc from and save. You must put the in your CASCHost/CASCHost/wwwroot/SystemFiles and your custom files in CASCHost/CASCHost/wwwroot/Data/custom files with blizzlike path. Example: Data/Character/Orc/Male/Orcmale.m2) You must have access to your database as said here: After you must go to your CASCHost/CASCHost and you do (dotnet run) When it finish, you copy your custom files from CASCHost/CASCHost/wwwroot/Output to CDN Files webhosting. Tpr and wow folder of CASCHost to tpr and wow of CDN Files in Apache2. You never must delete your database. After you modify your Wow.exe and change the url for your and as said in the other guide. If you have problems, you can ask help you in discord or MC. Enjoy!!!! If somebody want share the CDN files and versions for 8.1 or 8.2, much better!! Thanks to Kallar, Senix and all Model-changing.
  11. I'm looking to get started with modelling for WoW 3.3.5a, and I haven't been able to find much coherent information about the limitations and usage of .M2 and .WMO. From what I can tell, .M2 files are individual objects that are small in size. .WMO Files are a combination of .M2 files. But when should a .WMO be used, over a .M2? Is there an object bounds limit for .M2 files that .WMO doesn't have? For example, if I wanted to replace the entirety of Stormwind, is there a reason why I shouldn't just make a single large .M2 in 3DS Max, and instead split the model into sections as .M2 files, plonk them into a .WMO, and then place the .WMO into an .ADT? If I can use a single .M2 for a city, that would be ideal, as I would then be able to save on a huge number of draw calls by just making the architecture one big model.
  12. Just get .001 zip file, put it where rest is and then right click on .001 and choos to extract here. Thats it prety much.
    Awesome thanks man, even things little like trees can make such a huge impact on the over all feel of a unique area - will put these to good use!
  13. What file format do you need? WMO/OBJ?
  14. so i am at a loss here there needs to be a better installation guide at this point. im sitting here with patch-3.mpq at 414 megs and patch-3.7z002-8 all at 138 megs. do i have to rename all of them to patches 3-10 or do i just plop them into the folder all as they are? Frostadamus' video showed his as a single large file which confuses me even more am i supposed to combine them somehow?
  15. I’m not sure, but maybe this is a problem with the blood elf model, I haven’t yet found other elves in the game and can’t say it. But opening the m2 model through blender, it is very crookedly displayed, and through MyWarcraftStudio, on the blood elf models it writes “Skin not found ''. If you figure it out, kindly write a personal message what the problem is Sorry for Google Translate.
  16. Hey thanks for the texture issue for Heyna, was a typo and i fixed it too, havent upload it yet. I'll check Garek to see what is the issue about black textures. Thanks for reporting it.
  17. I got a .m2 that has hardcoded texture 'lavatentacle.blp', I want to change that color to green so how I do that? How do I place 'lavatentaclegreen.blp' instead? I already converted models with Adspartan Multi converter, not working.
  18. Nice work there, hope you can manage to finalized it and have a full state of this. Keep it up.
  19. Version 0.0.2


    all my searches came up as "you cant modify vanilla water"... but I knew it was all lies! barely tested beta version, might be broken in areas, has some odd square looking spots at some times of day, designed to work with the 1.12 improved models which is named patch-3.mpq, so I named this patch-4.mpq, extract from Data folder to Data folder in WoW directory to install, or install the whole reshade to main WoW folder the shader on this water much more bland and whispy than the official Cataclysm release but removes all the repetition of textures that vanilla textures have includes a reshade for a replicated newer wow feel with focus on added water variation
  20. I was wondering if anyone had the ShadowFang Keep models of instance since i currently don't have wow installed so i cannot export and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough time hand me the files thank you
  21. First off I take no credit whatsoever for this, but I have used it for a few DnD campaigns. I'm hoping maybe all of you will find it useful considering everything you do . Give Azgaar some love for making such a cool map creator. Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator on Git Azgaar's Map Generator Demo Hugs and Happy Modding
  22. Hey man. You gotta specify more in the weapon problem as i dont think anyone is able to help with that info. Helmet is showing like that because of the new models. Gear is adapted to new models and thats why it shows like that, to fix it id use the converter you can find in the download section as it fixes that problem afaik, you gotta tick this option. Try that out and update, gl
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  24. I can't fix those problems. I changed the texture type from hardcoded to anything else using DBC I placed the texture on columns 16-21 (I think was the numbers) but did not work. I changed the texture name into the .m2 file still did not work. Added the texture name into the .m2 file still did not work. And the helmet is not showing properly, why is that? It's placed the same way as Pandaria DBC
  25. Solve what? You didn't actually show what's wrong.
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