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  2. nice, could you do this for Vanilla / TBC aswell? its amazing to have this preview system
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  4. Yeah, there are about 20,000 files in there for me to check so I'm not surprised some issues snuck through undetected. The good news is that I've found a way to correct that but it will require me upscaling everything again from scratch. *sigh* Thanks for pointing out some files for me to look at though too!
  5. Mail_B_02Gold_Chest_TU_F Mail_D_01Green_Chest_TU_U Plate_PVPAlliance_A_01Gold_Chest_TU_F just examples of bugged torsos I found in 2-3 mins looking at patch. Great job, anyway. But isnt playable with such artifats.
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  7. Is there any new project like this? I mean ratail combat animations in wotlk, I wanna see my warrior fighting badass. TY!
  8. Noggit accepts only English keyboard events. Switch your system language to English EnUS.
  9. And what is the problem in the program when you just lose the ability to move at the expense of the camera and stand in one place in the Noggit editor?
  10. By "item" I think you mean a object like m2 or WMO? First you'll need Wow Model Viewer, setup everything and once you've found a model you want in WMV, go over to noggit and click "import last m2/wmo from WMV". You can also add the full name of your object in Noggits import list file - though I recommend using WMV. There are some tutorials here and there how to use WMV but it's quite straight forward.
  11. Question, this is suposed to bring the combat/spell animations from bfa to wotlk? because i wanted my war to fight like the bfa does, pretty nice so far
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  13. it's easy anyone who knows how to do it want to share it, because make uv's is easy but not working with the "extra" parts of the skin
  14. Just wondering if there's someone that replaced the orcs for mag'har orcs or the trolls for zandalari, at least UPRIGHT! Just discovered this page, and i love it. ty.
  15. Please provide a link or tell me how to add an item to the map that is being edited? I tried to do everything according to the manual - but all without success... I'm trying to do all this via Noggit.
  16. No problem bro, now I'll fill it up and throw it off LINK -
  17. You'd need to change some stuff in the core I imagine. On 3.3.5 you'd adjust the SharedDefines.h to include those classes - which I guess is what opens up the choice in the character creator. Someone else would have to verify that assumption for me though. EDIT: This would mean you'd need to compile it yourself and find the script where you can edit before compiling. Never tried it though.
  18. Hi! I'm new at this and hope somebody can help me :) I haven't found any information on how to enable non standard class/race combinations in Ashamanecore 7.3.5, only earlier trinitycore based servers. Seems like a lot have changed and I feel quite lost trying to follow the outdated guides. I've managed to add the race/class combinations of undead paladin and bloodelf druid. The problem is I don't get to choose these new combinations in character creation. Instead I have to create a character of a standard class and then change the class manually in the sql database. That seems to work fine but I'd really like to be able to choose and customize the new race/class combinations in character creation. Does anybody know how to achieve that or if maybe it's not possible in this repack? I've changed the following files using WDBX: CharBaseInfo.db2 (added the new class/race combinations) CharStartOutfit.db2 (added male and female starting outfits) I also edited these tables in HeidiSQL: playercreateinfo (added starting point for new character) playercreateinfo_action (assigned starting spells to action bar) player_levelstats (added stats for level 1-110) Thankful for any help :)
  19. Yeah, you're right. Some of it looks great but some of it is a bit weird. When upscaling the Classic textures they are all much smaller in dimensions in comparison to WotLK so the quality of bringing them up to size is hit and miss. Regardless, in the next release I will be correcting any major issues such as incorrect colours or blown out highlights, etc. I'll also be including the shoulders and head gear. The hold up so far is that with the shoulders when I convert from blp to png some of the files from TBC and WotLK will leave black dots all over the image that I need to go in and redraw over to get a clean image. It's a bit tedious but the results will look good. I'll try to include the capes, shields and weapons in the next release too but only if I find a way to streamline the workload.
  20. It looks good, but after a little inspection of the patch, some starting types of armor look a bit strange and pixelated, although perhaps this was intended by the developers of the game.
  21. Hello, I'm playing on a 8.2 BFA private server, and I really like the Bfa gladiator mounts' look. I would get one, but since I'm not so good at PvPing, I wanna find an alternative way. I remember back in the days (WoTLK) we used to model swapping a lot. Is this still possible? I would swap the following models' look: Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake to Dread Gladiator's Proto-Drake Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake to Sinister Gladiator's Proto-Drake
  22. Thank you for replying! However, I've setup my own cataclysm client and server ( and it still works (it is still downloading in the background), so I think this is different from what you are describing. After a bit of research, I've discovered that there is a file: WoW.mfil that describes the server that they are using: version=2 server=limelight location= server=limelight location= manifest_partial=wow-15595-0C3502F50D17376754B9E9CB0109F4C5.mfil So they are using limelight (after googling it turns out to be a cdn) and they have these addresses: and when you add manifest_partial to the first address you get this: If you click on that link you'll actually find a document containing the paths, sizes, locales of the all MPQ files needed by the client. it seems that this manifest_partial tells the client where to download these files. We can actually append the path of the MPQ files to the address and get the file like so: Downloading world.MPQ for example: So how are they setting up their server? Is it simply serving this document on the manfiest_partial endpoint and hosting the MPQ files? This seems too good to be true. Again, If anyone got any ideas please share!
  23. it's not a cdn, they use this version with mpq updater from server and client.
  24. Hello everyone, first post here. so I've seen this post And I'm wondering If I could do the same with MPQ files for WoW Cataclysm? I know (Apollo-WoW) have done it, so I know it's possible. Anyone has ideas on how can I start this? Thanks.
  25. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your feedback! I will surely try to contact them
  26. Can anyone tell me? He brought new races of zandalars and voidelf, but with polymorphs they break models where it is edited?
  27. Hi everybody. Sorry, newbie in modelling. How can i swap this animations RUN [96] to MOUNTSELFRUN [146]? Edit m2? DBC files? Swap [modelname]0xxx.anim? It doesnt work Left viewer WotLK. Right WoD. anim porter cant recognize these WoD animations. pasting WoD animationdata.dbc leads to crash
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