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  2. I'm interested in getting pricing, discord is Sanctuary#6341
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  4. I'm not sure what you are expecting here. But looking at the "!" , i'm assuming you have no idea what this is. The pack is mainly a resource pack, with models from shadowlands 9.1.5. These models have some client sided data done (dbc files) But this pack does NOT include any server side things. So you have to search for the model you want, see if it is defined in the dbc files and then add it to your own server (database) in order to spawn it ingame.
  5. Wonderful. Looking forward to the travel forms being added. I noticed that you can see the toes on the boots. Is there any fix for that or is that just a quirk of modding the models and nothing can be done?
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  7. Just bumping this as Alastor is unavailable and I still need this!
  8. Hi, I downloaded the files and put them in the \ world of warcraft \ Data folder, but it does not work!
  9. Thanks for uploading the file here, the version on reddit is down.
  10. did you run themapextrator on ur new created patch with this new info? vmaps or map data has to be extracted from the patch, when putting a new map in it this has to be re extracted to get this info.
  11. is it registered in the map.dbc?
  12. Hey if you mean like when a character is made the preview shown during creation and after creation is a hunter holding a bow/gun. That's changed in the WOTLK charoutfits. You'll have to read how its outlined here . When you get to the "DisplayID" stuff that's the stuff thats shown on character creation.
  13. have done everything like here says! what i did wrong why i see this (patch-enUS-9) if i make patch-9 then it crashes wow when i click create character
  14. I assume this is what you are looking for?!
  15. Thank you Working PayPal and PaymentWall postbacks are available for FusionCMS/GEN.
  16. Hey I tried to port this to 1.12, by creating a new vanilla MPQ and sorting out all non 1.12 textures, but this just crashes my game, same as it did back when I tried to apply this mod to 1.12 originally. Got any tips or pointers? I can share the file with you, if you know what to do and I might have saved you some time by isolating the vanilla files:D
  17. Best of luck! Bought a few themes from Topic Creator, can definitely vouch for him : )
  18. If you are talking about the cool looking once's like the swords or backpacks. Those are quite advanced since you will probably have to add it as a spell. I haven't done it myself but a fellow dev did it that way, said it bugged if he did it normally. U probably wanna start with cloning items in the database and making those in the item.dbc & itemdisplayinfo.dbc, once u get a hold of that start retroporting things
  19. Request: Warrior MoP visual glyph of charge ''Glyph of the Blazing Trail '' to charge edit: its already on the patch, but i had to change the z position on the m2, the fire was on the middle of the char when used i charge
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  21. Hi, can you give an update? Only the race icons can be seen on the left, but they are not visible on the right. On the right you can see the old ones. The mode seems to be only half done. All the best!
  22. Cloaks are a character geoset, so you'd need the database entries for the items and their various displays, plus the textures. The BLP format hasn't really changed at all, so you won't really need to do anything to them.
  23. So I've recently compiled a CManGos core for 1.12.1, and I added a new patch in with new DBC files, and such, and while the serverside shows all new dbcs are up-to-date, the client does not, I've remade the patch several times incase I had forgotten something but I didn't. I have the gluexml/framexml check removed from the wow.exe, and yet it still cannot read the patch-3.MPQ in the data folder, perhaps I am doing this wrong? Is vanilla wow different? How do I get it to read new patches? Thanks in advanced.
  24. For what WoW version is this?
  25. Hey, I am complete nawb for these things but I want to learn how to retroport cloaks from shadowlands-legion-wod etc to wotlk any help is appreciated.
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