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  2. did oyu placed map dbc into servers files as well ?
  3. i put the patch in the data folder im on 3.3.5a and when i type .go xyz 13914.4 13006.4 15.5053 806 it just says 806 is an invalid map
  4. It is a nice release and I really do appreaciate it
  5. Are you selling these models, or what? Because I don't really get what is the points of this topic. I am sorry to tell you, but it is kind of off.
  6. I'm sorry, I don't speak English. Three types of skin have been applied, To buy the model click on PayPal button it will redirect you to CheckOut Site where you can buy the model after payment is done you will be redirected to Download site
  7. sh1tdev


    somewhere on ownedcore.
  8. Ou thats quite ... high prices for lower quality Also btw on screenshot you have 2B and A2 not 9S
  9. Version 2.6.0


    Hello there So I got a bit bored while working with WoW Machinima Tool 2.5 done by amazingl Malu05 bcuz this tool is flipin damn helpful for doing various stuff but last version that Maul did was 2.5 which is crashing whenever you press any number on Numberic Keyboard (think the only exception was NumKey09) Well I picked up his code where he left it and fixed that issue so it does not crash anymore yay ! aim all creds to Maul that tool had like 15k lines of code i fixed around 20 lines only to make it working again Have a fun
  10. Hi there, I am the admin of a couple of WoW servers and we are looking for experient model editors and importers. Work is basically two-fold: 1. Fix some previously imported mounts and one NPC 2. Add about 25 or so new mounts and pets, plus about 25 transmog items. This will be a paid gig so serious and professional replies only, please. Feel free to get in touch with me directly via Discord: Janitor#2871 Thanks a lot, Janitor
  11. I'm sorry, I don't speak English. Get to the point., NieR:Automata 2B a2 Price of this Commision was 38$
  12. Mostly a problem with the LiquidType.dbc and the textures mate. Some of the textures I had initially weren't ported to 3.3.5a structure properly and made the sea appear green. I had to merge the water folder with Cataclysm textures and figure it out from there
  13. Global $playerbase_alpha_patchadr = 7566401 Global $playerbase_alpha_patch = "0x8896CB000000" sourcode code of WoWMachinimaTool just add $WoW to adr and you should be done btw its byte[6]
  14. So I got sidetracked by the fact that you could change the Field of View and hex edited the .exe to include a much farther range of vision. However, I'm still not any closer to discovering the offset for character transparency because apparently you need a value that you can increase and decrease, and scanning for changes after zooming in/out of the character (triggering the transparency and then scanning, zooming out enough so the character is opaque and scanning and so on) doesn't seem to yield any results. I also did the same but with ticking the 'Char transparency' setting in the Machinima Tool and there didn't seem to be any values that were worthwhile. Maybe I could peek at the source code for the Machinima Tool and see if it tells me anything about how the dude added that setting??
  15. Hello, I compiled extractors for Cata 4.3.4 and added custom content to my patches according to guides on and Modcraft. I cannot make MMaps. The following error log points at map ID 150 tile 0_0_. But I have no map ID 150 in my Map.dbc... Maybe the problem is that I have a map with ID 1500 and the other IDs contains only 3 numbers like 930 931 932 etc...?? Idk. Is there any experienced person that can explain the extractor error? See the attachment below: unknown_mmaps_generator.exe_[12-2_15-3-47].txt
  16. hardcoded in exe set up some debugging and with a bit of a luck will and googling you will be able to maybe catch that function and disable it the WoW machinima tool already does that but only for models getting transparent from range of 0% to <100% once oyu hit 100% it will disappear again making me think that function to make character transparent only to some point is done by how much is camera zoomed in but when it gets fully transparent is not actualy transparent but more like not being rendered at all that would sound logical to me you can also try looking at wiki for some offesets that may help you
  17. 'Sup guys, just asking a quick question about Player models. So, when the camera zooms in too much to a player's model, the character gradually becomes more and more translucent until eventually reaching full invisibility. This only ever applies to the model that is being used by the player - no matter the model itself. I was wondering if this is something hard-coded and controlled by the client, or something that could be found in the M2 itself. Either way, is it something I could remove?
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Put together this HD Race Icon package a while ago. Thought I'd share it for anyone who was interested. Just updates the Race Icons with some HD faces. Drop this pack in to the /Data
  19. The folder actually acts a .mpq so you just drop it in the /Data folder.
  20. Hi, not entirely sure how to put this in to a DBC correctly? What's the folder structure for it?
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