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  2. Deeprun Tram for Ironforge is officially missing in the latest version of Warcraft From the links in the first post you can download a modified version of Mapster that supports new added maps (in Stable/Addons/Mapster folder)
  3. I tried looking at the instance maps outside in the world but nothing happens when i click on any of them, it just takes me back to the world map zoomed all the way out. I have "Enable Instance Maps" checked in the Mapster settings. Also, the Ironforge side of the Deeprun Tram shows the map of Stromwind's side.
  4. hey man, has anyone contacted you? I also want to buy a complete race
  5. Last week
  6. Very nice!! However where is the updated version download? so far i only see the OP Links
  7. I put in the shaders in WoW folder and .MPQ in /data, but it didn't do anything for me? Is it because I'm playing on the nostalrius client maybe?
  8. Hello mate do u have discord ? I have some questions about the way u upscale them, is this possible for newer gears aswell? I tryed it but they start as 512x so upscaling them makes them 2064x so i have reduce the size by 25% again wich results in the same quality. do u use max compression or other things to make them look as stunning as they do, because now pre cataclysm sets are more beautyfull when it comes to details then newer onces
  9. Can I install mods for an unofficial Legion server using Caschost?
  10. What is it ? W Combinator is a funding/support program for new WoW emulation projects trying to create new content on this game. The World of Warcraft Emulation is slowly dying because of the lack of players and the abundance of amateur servers. What we are trying to do is to give good chances to promising ideas and innovative projects. Who are we ? For now, we are a team of 2. Partners for more than 5 years, we started working on WoW servers in 2008. We have been on more than 30 servers, 10 of them have been in the top 20 on Top Lists, 2 are still running. D* is a server manager and web security and a MySQL developer. R* is a website developer. What do we provide you ? If you are selected to be mentored by W Combinator, you will have access to multiple social skills and development utilities. We will try to make your experience. One year hosting on a server adequate to the needs. A domain name (.com, .eu, …). Server installation and maintenance. Payment for required external developer / designer services. Customized website. Who is eligible for this ? For this first edition, we will try this experience with only one project. The next editions will surely take up to 3 projects in probably other versions of the game. For now, we would like to take a server that we can surely help with the knowledge and means that we have. The project has to be already clear in the mind of his owner, the main idea must be clear and fit into this conditions Version 3.3.5 No Lvl 225 No VIP access / mod No Pay to Win How can I apply ? If you are interested in our program and feel like your project could be the one, don’t hesitate. Send us an email in this form at The deadline is 30 september. We will inform you of our deliberation (if the server owner agrees) on the 3rd of December. Server Name : Server Owner Alias ; Server Version : Server Type (Blizzlike, Fun, Ultra Fun, PvP) : Innovative ideas : Server pitch (Max 120 words) : Server team (if there’s) : Member Alias, Member Age, Member Function Member Skills What is already done: (screenshots) To Do List : Why This Project (Max 120 words)
  11. I'm currently learning alot about how to fix the models further with 010 editor. Some of the models work , some are meh like the hand. In most cases (with a large adress aware wow.exe) i dont crash, but another dev (whitout laa wow.exe) crashes on morphing into the model so use with care. i'll try to publish an update later today of the shadowlands creatures.
  12. Thats awesome, can you share the fixed model?
    Keep it up! Everyone who shares World Edits is a Hero!
  13. i'm working on an update but i'm really busy, but should arrive soon. But pleased to say that thanks to somebody mentioning txid, i was able to fix the hand mount :).
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  15. I am seeking (and willing to pay for) additional support with various retroporting and custom projects for my 3.3.5 WoW server project. They are as follows: Character Customisation: To retroport the Shadowlands customisation options for the various races available on my server (including all WotLK races + worgen and goblins). Addon Backport: To retroport the Total Roleplay 3 Addon to 3.3.5, as I do not like Total Roleplay 1 and would much prefer the newest version of the addon. Extended Transmog System: A version of the transmog system that has been extended with additional functionality to allow any and all items to be hidden, or replaced with any quality item of the same item material. I'd also like the addition of the 'Cosmetic' item type, to allow items that can be transmogged regardless of the item to be transmogged's material. I am willing to negotiate on prices asked for, rather than set a hard limit on how much I am willing to pay, though my finances are a little tight, so payments may have to be made over multiple months for more expensive projects. Please contact me on Discord if you're interested in the jobs: Snowcraft#2525
  16. Hey guys, I'm brand new to modding and all I really want is to replace any race with a Sethrak model. I've been all over the internet and I found this site along with this page: And I was excited to put this in my game. Thing is, I have no idea how to and I'm wondering what I need to do it. It'd be great if I had some help. I've never made a forum post before today either, so hopefully I'm doing this right.
  17. Awesome work but yes some mounts crash client, like the Hand and Brokermount
  18. So he release all his work free and you want him to translate it to you too ??
  19. thank's for the share, it's possible to translate for us version ?
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