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  2. on 3.3.5, no WoD models - I get white textures around their nicks and untextured hair. both genders
  3. yeah grabbing the m2 templates made 3 hours of stress into like 2 minutes worth of work, wish I found them sooner but definitely using them in the future, thankyou so much for all your help
  4. You could still just go and use 010 Editor with M2 template that has Flags mapped so you dont need to recalculate anything
  5. Oh shit yeah guess I was just being a top tier spastic then, thanks for the help and putting up with my stupid questions looollll
  6. Binary flags work everywhere the same Also Renderflags are in M2s not in Skins
  7. It doesn't look like the flags are correct, unless I'm being stupid. If the Unlit flag was 0x01 (exactly 1 in decimal format), then removing the 1 from the render flag should theoretically remove the 'Unlit' flag. However, doing this achieves the opposite effect and instead causes more of the more to become 'Unlit'. Am I just being stupid or do these flags work differently in Wrath of the Lich King? I'm only doing this in the .Skin files, I haven't edited the M2 at all.
  8. Disable the Unlit texture flag in renderflag attached to your texture
  9. Doesn't work. As soon as i add -C.mpq the game no longer launchs. Also, i don't get why there are a bilion versions folders. Really awful
  10. How do I make it so the texture type itself once again uses environmental lighting?
  11. Last week
  12. Eyes have texture that hovers infront of eyes you can remove that in M2redux but lots of eyes themselfs have eye texture type that is set to unlit so it ignores envirovenmental lighting
  13. Hey guys, just wondering if any of yous knew how to remove glow effects from M2 models, preferably through 010 editor but am open to other suggestions. When I say glow, I mean the textures which themselves glow, like the Draenei eyes - I'm not talking about separate Particle effects like the Death Knight or Night Elf eye glows. Is this glow tied to texture or model? Tips will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Thankyou so much for your kind words, they mean a lot! Would you say the textures are too cartoony/not detailed enough? Or do you reckon I should make the character fit more into lore (as of now she doesn't look like a Blood Elf or High Elf, but that can change).
  15. You need to work on making this suit the WoW graphics better, but other than that I like it, and I value the fact that you are editing character models
  16. This community is simply international and thats reason why language to use is obviously language and if you are releasing something being it in english for everyone to use it and understand it is logical Also note that zhCN or zhTW is like one of the smallest groups to be found here
  17. That will never happen on these forums
  18. yes, even better if zhCN or zhTW is supported
  19. Hahaha

    Character Edits

    Had a hand at editing the Blood Elf Female face and textures whilst also adding a brand new(ish) hairstyle, lemme know what you guys think and I may release it (along with future edits on the model) in the future, if there's a big enough demand.
  20. Earlier
  21. For anyone having issues finding the actual files. I can confirm Azshara is still in the gamefiles... The name of the ADTs is just different to the old ones. For more insight just massage me. Now it starts the crazy modelling of all buildings by my self with major improvements. Happy Modding guys! And thanks again to @Alastor Strix'Efuartus
  22. Thank you for the reply :) .... sadly that’s the tool I mentioned above. Azshara crater is not anymore in the gamefiles. :/ i need such tool for 3.3.5 or below :) if anyone could provide me the map as obj or any useful file I’m willing to pay 50$ maybe I will try to hire a programmer lol
  23. you can try marlamins tool in case that azhara crater is still in 830 his tool exports adts with m2s wmos and baked maps up to 16k smth afaik
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