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    Hello everyone, I have a big doubt when I am going to execute the caschost because of the start.bat it tries to execute but it closes at the moment, what could it be?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Resizing script for 010 editor with attached M2Template that its using script is unoptimized and will run for a long time on complex models that has more than 100 bones and lots of animation sequences (model with 150 bones and 140 animations took me 25 mins)
  5. Hey , uthershrine's wmos are missing from legion patch, i can give them to you to see if you manage to make them work properly, 'cause i didn't, pm me
  6. Hey guys as the title is Named i wanna port all the spells for the Cloaks of Pandarian Legendary Questline. I wanna make them 100% functional for WoTLK. Ofc im gonna Share all my work with you guy's and its not just for own use. Im looking for people that are so nice and help me with the stuff i need for that. I realy know a lot about Retroporting when it's about items but spells is something totaly new for me. If someone wanna Join me on my Project and maybe give me some hints what i need that i dont forget anything, pls write here or on Discord: Sven#6955 Thats what where Talking about! Everyone is welcome!
  7. Werebear from Legion works...but is it possible to make it smaller? It's too massive. It's so big that all animations are super slow. But it is awesome! I would buy a coffee!
  8. okay now it looks like this Should be Blue not green. I already checked the ParticleColor.dbc but the head doesnt even have a ID EDIT: Forgot the particlecolor ID in DBC fixxed!!!
  9. yes i took the m2's now from legion and now i found the particles too! Thanks for your fast answer
  10. texture missing, maybe external .m2 missing too... Read u shoulder with 010editor, in particle line you see what part are missing
  11. hey i wanted to port the MoP sets of the challengers and i had a problem with the particles atht the Paladin armor!! Looks like this: Should look like this: As you can see it affects the shoulders and the head! I looked all the way trough the Files and i cant find any hint to the particle files! Files: lshoulder_plate_challengepaladin_d_01.m2 rshoulder_plate_challengepaladin_d_01.m2 i dont forgot to add the head because i think for all the items its the same problem and same particle. and maybe if someone already checked this out i have also Problem with the 3d Belt Can someone maybe help me out with that? My discord is Sven#6955 Thanks.
  12. Same problem if i try to enter Icecrown it crashes.
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  14. Hi Gongel. First I would like to thank you for adding the grizzlemaw bear form, I was really happy to find it here I only have one issue (pic down below). This error starts appearing when I put the mpq file into the data folder. Would you or anyone else know a way to fix it?
  15. I have the catman ^^ I sell it to you
  16. Hi! I have the solution if you are still having this issue. Open the .skin file in 010 editor and run the .skin template on it. When it's done, go to submeshes and set the variable named "unknown" to 1 in every submesh.
  17. I don't need the full Cataclysm maps - Open Azeroth is based on the Pre-Cataclysm map, though modified to include all the new terrain from Cata filling in previously blank and empty areas of the world. Some help on mapping for it would be appreciated though, especially with adding the maps of the new zones to the project.
    I've used this tool alot in the past, quite fun and easy to use if you are a newbie like me!
  18. If you like, I can port the Cataclysm maps for you. You can contact me wherever you like, I can offer you my help.
  19. Thanks for the info. Do you happen to mind if I use your maps in my own interface work? I'm planning on running Open Azeroth on my own server and will be including map modifications to it for areas of the Old World that have been changed (like Gilneas), and I want to make sure my stuff plays nice with your stuff.
  20. Check last update WDM: If you have the HandyNotes_FlightMasters addon installed, you can now turn off the display of the standard Flight Master markers (embedded in the patch) WDM: Added an optional feature to enable opposing Faction Flight Master markers. You can turn off all Flight Masters markers in Interface -> Modifications -> WDM -> POI's
  21. Is there a way to remove the flight points appearing on the world map while using this?
  22. The stable version contains patches for all language versions. If I can port the microdungeons, of course it will be available for all languages.
  23. Thanks for the information, I think it's great that there will be a new update soon, the new update will also be in de_DE and enGB. Thank you for the great job.
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