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  2. Looks like the texture blending make is lost on the model, or UV is borked.
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  4. Walaka

    Mini Maps

    hi all - sorry im new to all this modding / editing. Does anyone know how to view access the files that are used to create the minimap images? I'm trying to view them for specific instance Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, So recently I rigged the classic Goblin model onto the Cata animations, and everything basically works perfectly except for one massive glaring flaw: the weapon won't unsheath correctly. So, for example, when the Goblin attacks, he attacks with the 1h dagger animation, but the dagger is still on his hip. However, when he casts a spell, the dagger attaches to his hand and won't leave, even if sheathed. Does anyone have any pointers into what I should be looking at to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Link Still Dead, please anyone have the file ?
  7. Hum, downloaded the file packed the world folder to new MPQ Wotlk compatible and when I check in WMV for wotlk the object appear full white ? Someone got the problem ? ( for every item)
  8. Hello, when I had to work with cataclysm + models, I noticed that designers make materials that have two textures in order to make the transition softer. Let's take wildhammer_base as an example, and its roof. And also my experience that uses the same material. The question is, what is wrong in my case if the scan is still not broken?
  9. Looking for an end product that resembles the female ogre on the left: or something like this, but with a tucked in gut like the above picture: Yes, I know, quite seductive. Can pay through paypal, price is negotiable (and can increase if you're able to work a bit extra on it.) Lets talk over discord: Kashgrim#3109
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  11. I don't know what version of TC was the last to use 1.8, just that when I use the extractors I have my server tells me it's looking for v1.8 maps.
  12. What is version 1.8 ? I didnt say any versioning when compiling my extractors
  13. You have a video where you can show those models ? I am kinda curious... and are you planning to add more ?
  14. how can i see this on 3.3.5? :0
  15. I will pay 20 USD for v1.8 TrinityCore Windows map extractors, including vmaps/mmaps and assemblers etc. All the 'tools'. I'm lazy Cheers!
  16. It does look very good, it reminds me of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the orange/yellowish colour of the original zone (and of Azshara) sort of dissapeared, (for me Azshara is my favourite Classic zone in terms of looks) I guess this was your intention which is totally fine, don't forget to add some suitable ground effect P.S. Great to see more new zones coming out lately!!
  17. OMGhixD

    Path of Classic Custom Island Progression

    A small gallery where i eventually will end up post screenshots showcasing some work that i am quite proud over Yes its a reskin / rebuild of Azharas Crater
  18. This is an abomination, and this comes from someone with an anime project
  19. Zarkeven

    Thal'Dranath Progress

    Thal'Dranath is an island that was seen in the early alpha builds of World of Warcraft: Legion. This is my vision of what Thal'Dranath would look like had it been kept in the game. Everything is in an unfinished state at the moment, so don't really expect that much.
  20. Hello To buy the model click on PayPal button it will redirect you to CheckOut Site where you can buy the model after payment is done you will be redirected to Download site. all files contains only Model itself you will have to add it to the DBC by yourself There are five . Barbara , keqing ,jean, mona , fischl ,
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  22. Hello! We are looking for C ++ specialists who worked with custom. Write on the forum in a private message.
  23. hi, i'm playing on wow-mania and i was wondering what datafiles i should deleted or change in order to make it work on their client.
  24. Last day! 30% discount on already-made scripts! Ask for the list via Discord Tonga Adk#9156 List has been updated
  25. Any pictures of the graphical updates?
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