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  2. Hi, the Forsaken NPCs are still missing its features? (bones, jaws, etc..)
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  4. Hey nice release! I always wanted to play Taunka or Vryukls. I'm going to try that ASAP
  5. Update: after tooling around, I was able to add support for the HD models using a combination of warmanes, Finsternis, and Bocoio WOD character model patches as well as modifying some of my .blp and dbc files in the previous version. This new HD version actually fixes A LOT of bugs with the original. All npcs use the WOD models, including tauren npcs and are no longer suffer from blurred faces. Tauren npcs have a slight hair texture overlap, but it is a THOUSAND times better than before, and all other npcs are perfectly fine. This patch also adds eyes to the player taunka. Helms are no longer blue cubes. Thank you to all the developers of the wod character models, all credit to them. Download: Taunka HD models Patch-Z.mpq is the taunka edit, all other .mpq are the HD models. If you already have the updated character models, just place patch-z in data. If not, place ALL .mpq in data folder. If you have updated models but not for npcs, delete your .mpq and place ALL downloaded .mpq in data folder. For warmane, Remove patch-X ,patch-enUS-W and patch-enUS-X from the data and data\enUS folders. OLD SD MODEL (classic character models) This is a improved version of my old . This patch is converted to wotlk, as I figured it would have more use on this patch than 5.4. This swap changes the tauren model to taunka, and improved features are skins matching orginal tauren skin colors, and no more blank facial hairs! Tooltip names are also changed from Tauren to Taunka for more immersion. npcs still have blurred faces. Helms are slightly misplaced, can always hide helm. Download: Non-HD model
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  7. Winterax Hold by the Prophecy RP Team. Split off from their people by the sundering over ten thousand years ago, the Winterax Tribe has weathered the storm that most Ice Trolls could not. The Winterax Tribe dwells deep within the Alterac Valley, living off what scarce resources remain in the valley and avoiding the ire of the Alliance. The Frostwolves and Thrall's new Horde have got their attention however, as their once lonely valley has now been filled with Orcs. Only time will tell if the Winterax Tribe will be friend or foe to this 'Horde'. We're always open to criticisms, if you see something you don't like or think of a way we can improve let us know! Want to help? Contact Valaryon#6825 on Discord or on!
  8. Yeah Nagrand is my favorite zone too ! Hope you can emulate or even improve its feel. Keep us updated and keep it up
  9. Where can i find the lua function UnitAura() use to init the count variable ? In the Wow.exe ??
  10. I think, thats not UI based issue. Looks like you should do some reverseengineering into your WoW.exe with 010editor to do this. So yes, its ALMOST impossible.
  11. Frostwolf Village by the Prophecy RP Team. Exiled from the Horde during the First War, the remnants of the Frostwolf Clan do their best to remain hidden and avoid conflict with the Alliance. Years prior, the Frostwolf Clan was guided by elemental spirits to this serene location hidden within the Alterac Mountains. Led by Drek'Thar the Frostwolf Clan live lives of peace and rekindle their relationship with the elements that was lost during the days of the Old Horde. Under a new banner Thrall's New Horde has sealed the loyalty of the Frostwolf Clan however, most Frostwolves including their chieftain Drek'Thar have opted to remain in the Alterac Valley whilst giving support to Thrall in Kalimdor. We're always open to criticisms, if you see something you don't like or think of a way we can improve let us know! Want to help? Contact Valaryon#6825 on Discord or on!
  12. Valaryon

    Frostwolf Village - Secrets of Alterac

    Frostwolf Village from the Prophecy RP Team. We're always open to criticisms, if you see something you don't like or think of a way we can improve let us know!
  13. And there's a good reason for that. My bandwidth was very slow and I didn't want to update for 3 days. However, I had designed it in such a way that others can use their npc models when they have them. In any case, I'm excited for your version, leeviathan ^ ^. All your previous things, were very cool.
  14. I would like to believe that you will get better than the previous authors of the mod. They have only character models come out normally, but the NPS, where they are not, and where it is completely curves.
  15. Hi, I wanted to remove the limit of 255 stack aura, so i change uint8 to 16 in core and database (character_aura.stackamount). Serverside it's perfect but client side the restrictions is active, when i hit 255 the count back to 0. So i find this in Interface client (3.3.5a) function AuraButton_Update(buttonName, index, filter) local unit = PlayerFrame.unit; local name, rank, texture, count, debuffType, duration, expirationTime, _, _, shouldConsolidate = UnitAura(unit, index, filter); [.....] -- Set the number of applications of an aura if ( count > 1 ) then buff.count:SetText(count); buff.count:Show(); else buff.count:Hide(); end [.....] end Someone can help to remove this restrictions client side ? Thank you and sorry for my bad english..
  16. I'm nearly done with my 3.3.5a WoD character models mod. It's good
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    Greetings everyone, been long time since i released something. In the past few days I was thinking to finish an already "Idea" that i got, which is the 'Armor Creator' as i've seen a lot of items creator around but you need to fill x 40 boxes at least and sometimes it is outdated and could rip your DB.. well i decided to open this project since i got a lot of free time specially this days / months and well i'll not stop here and i'll try to work more on the code and make it better and better and important which is easy to use with few click. Armor Creator is also made by VB.NET Information about the Armor Creator: By using Armor Creator you will be able to create a full set in few minutes. Easy Manage. Not complicated to use. Most of needed columns available. No need to know the ID's or any other information. Item name could be eaisly colored. Random DisplayID finder (Offline). Advanced Online DisplayID finder. Advanced Offline DisplayID finder. Enabling/Disabling Stats. Item Preview. Advanced Mode. Guessing DisplayID(Advanced Mode) ExtendedCost Lookup (Offline) Item Duration Calculator. Full SQL Code Preview. Copying SQL. Generate SQL file with the output query. Directly Database Inserting. Edit Items directly from your database. REPLACE Item Directly to your database. UPDATE Items directly to your database. Database information can be saved and reset. Checking database connection. Every log will be saved so you could later check what you've done. New form SQL. You can now insert / delete / update / replace any use most mysql commands directly using SQL. Search items by name and by entry. Paypal form is updated. Auto Updater. Item.DBC Creator + Patch Steps Creator. Logs Managment. Settings Added. Limitation for values. Credits : JadaDev : Code DarkSoke : UI Design Tok124 : Online Finder Images Album CLICK HERE
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  19. How do I use this? How can I spawn stuff? I dont understand it ^^"
  20. Hey thanks for the feedback but things has changed alot. Hopefully soon ill have time on my hands for some new screenshots.
  21. I love your work Jose! I recall watching some of your first machinima before the Reign of Chaos series, and I look forward to each episode. Keep up the good work!
  22. That's a start but it looks promising. I will keep letting a glance on it!
  23. Hi guys I know some of you have maybe 8.0.1 beta client without TXID? SO that u can import to 7.3.5 Legion. I m interested in GameObjects mostly. Thanks
  24. It's rly wonderful thanks for your work amariel. Since it has a database connection and that you've already made a function to shearch items can't you make a function to edit items that are already in database ? like truice before
  25. Am I the only one who can't run CASCExplorer without an error anymore? I tried downloading again botht the CASCExplorer and listfile.txt, yet the problem remains.
  26. How about updating the mod to 7.3.5 26972? I have an exe file without checking the hash
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