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  2. Downport content to 3.3.5 and up-port it to 4.3.4. There's a tutorial on mod-craft
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  4. By the way, will this require any UI tweaks, or will the UI read the level requirements from the core and automatically read back the correct level requirement?
  5. try this mate, try to find a location on ur map in noggit that doesnt crash it. When there just save all tiles and leave noggit again, then push these files into ur patch and see if the problem is fixed. If this keeps happening, upload ur map and send me the files, i'll look into it. I think I know what the cause is, but have to test to be sure :p.
  6. Yes after only working in noggit, i did not change anything in another program. the thing is that these files are transferred into an external drive and then back. depends on the situation. One is for sure it does not look like the border of the ending map. usually those are are walk-through walls. this is unpassable and in the perimeter of the object i had placed there,like it is corrupted for some reason. but i did not change anything in the .mpq file with map objects and models. the thing is that i can not mod it with noggit anymore in this area, because it crashes there.
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  8. Version 1.0.0


    Some models that maybe help you decorate stuff. Models are in fbx format (you can cut it in blender for pieces) then export it as a obj and then convert obj to m2 have fun (tutorials flying around just google it) If someone will need more let me know
  9. Like ayahne said , ur adt's are not properly working. They arent linked to make one complete zone Did u save the current adt when u were working on the region or did u save all tiles? U should ALWAYS do "save all tiles" to prevent issues with ur adt's not properly linking. And before u dindt have this problem i'm assuming? So this happend after only working in noggit?
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  11. Hello, We are searching for someone able to make a custom world map for a custom map. The one you can see by pression "M". We are willing to pay a fair price for a work well done. Contact via Discord. Doctor#0072
  12. Just an update on this one, We are prepared to pay good prices.
  13. I am not related to noggit but for me seems that you removed or renamed one of Your edited adt's the blue wall for me (could be wrong) is end of the map.
  14. Hello there. I need your help and your experience with a strange bug i came across. I was modifying the original map with the program NOGGIT, i finished the first map area and moved to another area. Some day randomly as i visited the first area i had modified,i noticed a giant hollow blue wall as i was getting closer to an area that i had placed an object a dark moon fairie tent specifically. the object is gone also. I tried to open NOGGIT and go this area to delete the object that causes this but noggit crashes when i am trying to visit the specific area. Any idea what causes this problem and how can I fix it? I am attaching some pics to see what I am talking about.
  15. You have to do that in the core, search for initGlyphsforLevel;
  16. I tried creating a new SkillLine in SkillLine.dbc, then editing SkillLineAbility.dbc to have a spell using it, but I have no new tab in my spellbook. I'm probably not handling it correctly ?
  17. Hi there ! I made some custom spells, now I stuggle trying to avoid them being sorted in the "General" tab of the Spellbook. I would like it to be sorted in a new one, that would be called "Avatars" (or "Avatar" or something related), with its new icon. The same way spells are sorted in spec tabs for classes, like the frost spells of mages are sorted in the "Frost" tab of their spellbook. Except this new tab must be in all classes' spellbook (no race/class restriction) ! I've played with the SkillLine, SkillLineAbility and SkillRaceClassInfo DBCs without success. Can someone help me with this ? Has anyone already put custom spells in a new tab of the spellbook, for every race/class ? I'm working over WotLK 3.3.5 client/server (powered by TC). See attached image. And do not be impressed by my Paint.exe skills.
  18. It's done with SkillLineAbility.dbc, you set spells to a Skill Line.
  19. Hi ! I was wondering how to make something similar : I want my custom spells to be added in a new spec tab (a spec tab that doesn't already exists). The new tab would be something like "Avatars" with a new icon. It would be available for all races/classes, the same way the "General" tab is. How do you manage to add a new tab and make it working for all classes and all races ?
  20. Thank you very much for this share. I still have a question. Is there a way to create the minimap from the map that already exist ? If yes can you tell me how ?
  21. Hey man, I have some basic knowledge with noggit and would be interested in helping with your project, add me on discord Holo#0359 and we can chat about it and i can show you some of the work i've done so far
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    I'd like to ask for help from someone who has this working, it's very important to me because it's an incredibly cool thing
  23. Does anyone have a patch containing or just the files of Pandaria character for 3.3.5 ?
  24. Maybe just wrong blp format? Palattized and no alpha
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