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    Resources for development and ready-to-use patches

  3. 010 Editor Scripts and Templates

    A collection of Sweetscape 010 editor based binary templates and scripts which are aimed to modify World of Warcraft files or automate other tasks useful for WoW Modding. 

    Information for script users script users:


    In order to use those files you need Sweetscape 010 editor. Most scripts require binary templates for WoW files which can be also downloaded here. Those binary templates should be placed into your documents folder in Sweetsape directory after you install the editor. Scripts can be executed on a file using CMD, editor GUI (F7). For more information read 010 editor FAQ (F1).

    If the script is not working, gives you errors or works in a wrong way, make sure to notify its author. It will save others from using improperly made software and possibly ruining their works as well as helping the author to trace a problem and fix it.


     Information for script/template developers:


    We have a special tutorial dedicated to script writing which can be found here. It can give you the basic understanding of how 010 editor scripting works. For more detailed information use Sweetscape's website and internal FAQ in the editor (F1).

    Please always keep the standard way of formatting your scripts (leave and fill the pre-made description template which is inserted into every new script file by the editor). It helps us to keep scripts structured, bound to their creator and properly versioned. 

    If possible and required try to include both GUI and CMD versions of the script. CMD versions should come with a .bat file to run them.

    If your presupposes some complicated steps while working with it, please tell the user how to do it by supplying a readme file and posting the usage into file description.

    If you have a new version of the script, please don't reupload it. Use our versioning system, so old version will still be accessible.

    When using template variables, please use templates that are available on our community. It is important because they are slightly different from the ones we used to have before. If you have a unique template or a modifyed version of an existing one, please upload it and notify us somehow. 

    If you are helping to debug a script or pointing to something in it which requires code pasting, please don't paste any snippets directly in comments. Using or similar websites is the best way. You can use direct posting for some really small snippets, though.

    For complicated scripts that are doing many data operations please include DisableUndo() function for the sake of speed increasing.


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