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A collection of WoW modding tools

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  1. Tester's Toolpack

    Alastor has inspired me to post most of my tools for people, minus a couple people have asked me to omit. Credits to those who made some, some are edited, etc etc etc. No readme, not writing a guide on  it all. Good luck.


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  2. WoW Modding Tools Cloud Storage

    This topic will be a bit different I dont have an exact files to download right here rather Im comming with a link to an online cloud storage where I have uploaded my tools that I have gathered or made myself for wow modding so with the exception for some of them that I lost due some HDD crashes 7 years ago tools are going to be hosted on online cloud service from  
    Thanks to this you can now access the tools from anywhere and download only the tools you would like to and nothing else ( or just grab them all anyway)
    The link provided will be continualy updated as long as ill be able to give it newest tools made and resources that Im using for wow modding 
    Todo: -Add youtube tutorials for tools 
               -Add links to original owners/repos of the tools

     Link to the Online Cloud Storage 

    Links to some interesting tools in the repo:
    Lastest Noggit Ground Effects Adder Obj to ADT GrullME FileLoadInfo BLPs
    BLP Convertor -  BLP Photoshop Plugin BLP Lab BLP Win Shell Extension DBCs / DBs
    DBCtoCSVtoDBC Utils LightMapper WDBXEditor -  Keira 3.0 M2s / WMOs
    LightAdder M2Redux -  Multiconvertor -  MultiListFile -  TXID Fixer -  MPQ / CASC
    MPQ Editor (I prefer 3.2) CASC Explorer FuckItUp Ultilities
    010 Editor Resources WoW Logo Creator LoginScreenTools WoW.Export                                     


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