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What are those packs?
There are a lot of neat models locked inside huge Blizzard's WMOs such as capital sities or dungeons, so I will cut those models out of there, edit them and release for you. So, everyone will be able to "legobuild" cities and dungeons right in Noggit or any other WoW Map Editor (P.S. Hello from 2015. Noggit is the only one working). 

The list looks this way for now: Stormwind, Silvermoon, Darnassus, Dalaran, Ironforge.
Even after I finish with the captials, there would be so much other good stuff left. I would appreciate if someone would help me with building such database of resources. I will provide an in-depth tutorial covering the entire process soon enough.Other capital cities are to come soon.




This package contains  the entire (except for some models) Gilneas city sliced into separate models. You can practically build an entire city using them. There are houses, bridges, streets, gates, channel sidewalks and a lot more. Can't wait to see your creations based on these models! 

Installation: Unpack the .ZIP archive, open WMOs folder and add the two folders containing there into your patch or working directory. Copy the content of import.txt to your Noggit 'import.txt'. Enjoy building!



Here I am releasing multiple packs containing different slices from Stormwind. Every pack is themed on a parcticular Stormwind quarter. This pack requires Cataclysm textures for Stormwind which are not yet included in the pack!

Cathedral Quarter This pack contains various standalone rich houses of Cathedral Quarter, Cathedral, different street elements and gates. Bonus: Detached elements of Cathedral which can be used in legobuilding.
Keep This pack is full of towers, walls, decorative elements and other parts of the Stormwind Keep. Useful for building your own castles and keeps right in Noggit.
Mage Quarter Separate houses, entire streets and a lot of walls and towers.
Old Town A lot of canal models, houses and other environment from the Old Town of Stormwind. 
Dwarf Quarter Many house models and walls.


If there are any bugs, don't hesitate to comment. Happy modding.


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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

First Thank you Skarn for this models and the time you must have spent on them.

I've been working with them, specifically the ones from Gilneas and they  are quite nice to work with, you can build  a lot of different combinations and make them fit without much trouble, they are also a great way to add population to a city without having to add open houses that most of the time end up empty.

The Sidewalks around the buildings are quite nice too, giving some nice spaces to add clusters of objects to decorate. Also, the gilneas gates are really useful and easy to use, now that they are separated from each other.

So far I haven't used the Stormwind Parts, but I'm sure I will in the future, so again than you n_n /



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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Oh wow! Thank you so much!

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· Edited by Krysík

   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

Good job! I wonder if anyone will ever build something like this :D 


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Stumbled upon this while reading all the great tutorials here. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for everyone.  I'm so grateful that the modding community here is so nice. After all the drama I seen back when WOTLK was live, and coming back years later it seems it really hasn't changed,  I'm so glad there is a place that understands we are all people. Sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes we need help. So happy to call this place my new home. 

❤️ thank you for all you do

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