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Hello there little whelps,

I used to use patch made by one guy from Ownedcore which included all M2s and WMOs existing in WoW turned into spawnable gameobjects. That means that you can simply search for model name in game and you will always find gob you can spawn. Its just great thing for gob spammers, I know, but problem is that patch from Ownedcore is just horrible in my opinion. It contains a LOT of completely unneeded objects and displayIDs and also is full of displayIDs with messed up bounding boxes (all copied from one blizzlike one), which leads into gobs lootable from 50yd distances an another funny results.

So I made my own patch. Here is MPQ patch, DBC file and SQL dump (for TrinityCore2 revisions after WDBVerified column was renamed to VerifiedBuild). I tryed to make this completely noob-friendly so if you want to use this patch, you don't need to know anything about MPQ patches or DBC files, you just need to know the very basics of running TrinityCore2 server. READ README file. You will find how-to guide there. All gobs with custom displayIDs have [AmPatch] placed behind their postfixes and have entrys 410000 and higher. Their displayIDs are 10000 and higher, meaning that every gob has displayID=entry-400000. Good for searching for displayIDs.

Version 1 - light pack
This version contains all M2s and WMOs from World and Spell folders as spawnable gameobjects. Others were excluded, because majority of them just can't be used as gobs (they have no hardcoded textures for example - they are white completely ingame).

Version 2 - full pack
This pack contains really ALL M2s, even character, item, creature... And its needless to say that most of such things are completely useless as gobs. But someone still may preffer this version.


If you want to create your own gob patch, you may use my tool I've released. It doesn't give you possibility to filter which gobs you can use, but it works. You will want to use this tool if you are retro-porting models or creating custom ones (in general, if you want to have gobs made of models which are not in blizzlike WotLK client).


What's New in Version 2   See changelog


I've found a little mistake I did in generating scripts which led into some models missing in output, so I've written new ones and generated a new ones.

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My apologies for not responding earlier. This is for WotLK. It contains only displayIDs for all models in WotLK client, it doesn't contain any retro ported models or similiar kind of stuff. I'm going to release a tool used for creating this release to give you possibility to make something like this on your own and to use this even on retro-ported models.

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I tried to run that SQL file (the light version) on my server, but it only produces this error for every single object:


[Err] 1054 - Unknown column 'faction' in 'field list'
[Err] REPLACE INTO `gameobject_template` (`entry`, `type`, `displayId`, `name`, `IconName`, `castBarCaption`, `unk1`, `faction`, `flags`, `size`, `questItem1`, `questItem2`, `questItem3`, `questItem4`, `questItem5`, `questItem6`, `data0`, `data1`, `data2`, `data3`, `data4`, `data5`, `data6`, `data7`, `data8`, `data9`, `data10`, `data11`, `data12`, `data13`, `data14`, `data15`, `data16`, `data17`, `data18`, `data19`, `data20`, `data21`, `data22`, `data23`, `AIName`, `ScriptName`, `VerifiedBuild`) VALUES (421401, 5, 21401, 'AbolishMagic_Base.m2 [AmPatch]', '', '', '', 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, '', '', 12340);


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This is an older version of my patch which might not work on some databases. It seems that TrinityCore dev have yet again for absolutely no good reasons renamed some field 'cause fuck backwards compatibility. As you can see, query is trying to insert value to field 'faction', which, according to your MySQL server, doesn't exist (so its most likely renamed to something else).

I'd suggest you to try creating this patch by yourself by running my gob generating tool (its linked in this patch's description). It will generate similiar SQL, but one which should be far more compatible with other version of database.

If even using my tool to generate your own patch that doesn't work... You need to open SqlBackup.sql in my tool's folder and change field name(s) to match your database (by some mass-text editing software, most applications for programming have this, and nearly any decent document editing software should also have an option to replace all instances of one word with another one).

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