• Version 0.0.1

Alpha Pack Download Link :
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0at7TKGXopAcGJrLVppUkItanM Includes :
Patch-C : Creature & Textures
Patch-I : Item Cata-Mop-WoD
Patch-L : Item Legion 7.0.1 > 7.1.5 (Not Fully Added in dbc)
Patch-W : Buildings
Patch-H : HD Pack (HD Pack Required For 3D Belt) Credits to Thrind
Server Side : DBC
Server Side : Item_Template SQL   -- Update 1 :
Added : Spell.dbc (enGB, frFR, enUS)
Added : SqlScript.sql Added : Patch-enGB-4.MPQ (Spell for enGB client) Added : Patch-enUS-4.MPQ (Spell for enUS client) Added : CoreScript - Transmog Script for 3D Belt - SpellGeneric.cpp Added : Readme. -- Update 2 : Added Sql for Legion Artifact Weapons PS : Looking for extra hands to work with me on this project.
-- Update 3
update Patch-enGB-4/Patch-frFR-4/Patch-EnUS-4
Updated Spell.dbc brings 314 New Compagnon list here : http://www.wowhead.com/spells/compan...lls:200+1+17+2 -- Update 4 Patch-W Should no more cause the game to have green texture in some place of azeroth. Say Thanks also help me continue the project !
  The Goal :
I'm aiming to help every new and old server to get a decent content. Patches won't be encrypted.
A Community Top Site will be launched.
A Community Launcher is in preparation (in c#)
A Community DBC Files Checker is in preparation (so we see if your server is compatible) the idea is that all server / player use this client as a base. and server would only make download their custom maps if they have one.     Join the retrolution : https://www.facebook.com/WoWRetrolution/