Tree Set, Shadowmoon [WoD] Original & Aicaya Recolor 1.0.0

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With this object set you get the original dark tree's from world of draenor's shadowmoon & two types of custom recolors I did.
This will help spice of the tree scene and color dynamics in all your map creations & fantasies.
In a later edition I might redo the brances since they do stand out a little bit more then I was going for.

I also included the photoshop file for recoloring the texture.
Be sure to drag the world folder into a custom patch before use and keep the folders & path intact.

Happy Modding.

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Awesome thanks man, even things little like trees can make such a huge impact on the over all feel of a unique area - will put these to good use!

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Hi!  Thank you for this and your mount pack!  If you do happen to want to make this into a 3.3.5 tree replacer mod at some point it would be amazing.  There's some giant trees in places like un'goro and stranglethorn, winterspring just off the top of my head that would benefit so immensely from just being replaced entirely by new ones like these.  A lot of the oldest/biggest trees in the game just look like origami instead of foliage.  Thank you again either way.  :D 

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