Dragon Isles - custom made model pack 1.2

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About This File

I've decided to share some of my custom made models made for  nearly finished Dragon Isles zone.

I hope somebody finds use for these models. It is likely I will add more in future, or change the existing ones.


If you run into any issues with the models,  write it down to the comment or PM me, I will do my best to gest those fixed.


Patch-M contains: M2 and WMO models with textures and all non WoTLK M2s doodads used for the models.


If you are interested in Dragon Isles custom zone, which makes use of these models:



Update 1 - 1.1

- Added more models - Dragon Towers, Dragon Stones, Dragon Tablets, Dragon Vasas - each model has a normal and a damaged variant.

- Fixed some texture issues, fixed a missing model issue.

- Minor changes to doodad sets.

- Added more vertex paint.

- Slightly decreased patch size - most of useless files were removed.

Update 2 - 1.2

- The Master's lair model is more detailed now.

- Fixed the shader on the dwarven ship. More details were also added.

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


Some models were slightly updated, The Dwarven Ship has a better shader now, added more details to the cave.

I also attach a link to Dragon Isles zone - which makes use of the model asset.


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