Merfed's WoW Modding Repository 1.0.0

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I have recently came across a really useful resource created by merfed. Basically it contains almost all the tools that exist in WoW modding scene so far, so you can quickly get them. There are also a bunch of various tutorials and guides there. 

The description by merfed:

Old files used for creating maps, model edits and what not in World of Warcraft.

95% of these files were done by others. I do not have full credits for all of them as 90% of the sites and places that hosted them are gone. If you can prove you made one of these files, please send me a message and I will update the information to show this.

These are probably not working for the latest version of WoW, and I take no responsibility for them. I've had them for years since I was in the WoW ME Community, and I figured it's time to share them as it's been a long time since they've actually been usefull.

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This is really cool :D Thank you for sharing Merfed! Must have taken forever to put together.

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By the way, I'd be happy to contribute by adding binaries and so on if you have no time. ;) Just let me know if you like the idea.

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I'm trying to use M2Modder and have no idea if I'm compiling it correctly (I'm not a programmer). In any case, it doesn't seem to work for editing bones, which is what I'm trying to use it for. Right now I'm testing it with the wotlk Bear.m2 model; it seems to be able to edit textures okay, but not bones (entering 'b' for bones crashes the program)

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