Amaroth's WMOListFile.exe - Fixed by SquireTester 1.2.0

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As the title says, I am uploading a fixed version of Amaroth's original tool (WMOListfile.exe) that was fixed by Squire Tester. 

Any normal user of this program will know that it wasn't perfect, and in most scenarios every listfile generated needed a little "helping hand". Things like certain characters in the generated strings (spaces, underscores, dashes, etc) would cause certain texture or model paths to break, leaving you to fix them manually (quite a laborious task when porting in bulk).


This version should have all the known issues fixed.

The only difference between the original and the fixed version is that the latter has further dependencies needed to run it. The tool now also deletes the tmp.txt that is generated, so the .bat included with the tool has also been adjusted accordingly.

A massive thanks to both Amaroth for the original tool, and Tester for fixing the really annoying day to day problems it had.


Note: Tester asked me to release this, as after fixing the tool - he was too lazy/bored to write a post about it. Pogchamp

Take care, and happy retroporting.


What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


- Added Alastor's suggestions.

- / and \ included in listfile, along with specular textures when tileset is detected.


Any other bugs/missing info, please let me know either on this post, or on the discord and I'll bug Tester to fix them :D

WMO Listfile 1.2.rar

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