Wmo Lordaeron City Custom Models & Cut Models 1.0

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Lordaeron City model pack

I'm sharing a model pack containing quite a few Lordaeron City themed models. Some models are simple edited cuts of the original Undercity wmo model, some models are custom made. Many of the models in the pack come from a joint collaboration of me and SinisterX (MTL). I share this pack in hope that  Noggit lego-builders will make a great use of it.

List of models:

  1. Wall - wmo
  2. Wall Tower - wmo
  3. Gate - wmo
  4. Arch Wall - wmo
  5. Arch Wall Gate - wmo
  6. Altar - wmo
  7. Astronomer's Tower Section - wmo
  8. City Tower - wmo
  9. City Road Ruins - wmo
  10. Lordaeron Barracks - wmo
  11. Lordaeron Small House - wmo
  12. Lordaeron Large House - wmo
  13. Lordaeron Chapel - wmo
  14. Lordaeron Stables - wmo
  15. Lordaeron Crypt - wmo
  16. Lordaeron Small Wall - m2
  17. Lordaeron Fountain - m2
  18. Lordaeron Statue01 (Terenas Menethil) - m2
  19. Lordaeron Statue02 (Warrior) - m2

- Note that wmo models are lego friendly and m2 models can be put into their interior with exception of Barracks (they use human generic doodad pack).

- Eventhough I tested the models in-game, there may be some model issues, if you find any such issue, do let me know please, I will do my very best to fix it! :) 

There goes link to the MTL Undercity series: 


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