[MAP] Thal'Dranath Early Preview 0.5

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About This File

Here is a map i've been working on for the past 6+ months, it is an island scrapped in legion called "Thal'dranath". It was on the Broken Isles map for the first few builds of the legion alpha until it was removed, and was never seen again. 

I need zone name suggestions! Please either comment some or DM me on discord some!



Cata+ Tilesets 

Cata+ m2s and WMOs (WMOs are previously released by me)

(if you have any links for these, please let me know)


Map Size:7x7 ADTs,  relative size of Korthia in 9.1


This map is still in active development, and things will change, but you have my full permission to use or edit it however you like. 

If you have any suggestions, please either send it to me on discord (Zarkeven#0001) or send a comment here. 

What's New in Version 0.4   See changelog





  • No longer called "Thal'Dranath", however that will still be the working name until I can think of a new name. 

NOTE: I am changing the name because the map has strayed so far away from the original blizzard concept of Thal'Dranath that I no longer feel like it is a worthy imagining of this area as blizzard would make it, but my own original work.


  • added Kul'Tiran area in the east side of the map


  • General Polishing around the map.




  • I need zone names, and a new continent name! Please give suggestions in the comments.
  • Everything in the map is still work in progress, so give feedback on everything! However, the main part I'm working on right now is the new kultiran area, I want to know if you like the road design, grass texturing, model placement, zone texture blending, virtually everything in that zone.


As always, source files are along with the map. (Thanks @stoneharry)

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