[Retroporting] WoD Character models for Cataclysm 4.3.4 (by Yuritsuki) 1.4

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There are 2-3 similar patches but I couldn't use them as they have some bugs like green textures, missing races or holes instead of ears/attachments etc. So that was the goal for this project. 

The patch isn't ideal. NPCs use old character models and they have no helmets (because of HelmetGeosetVisData limit). But don't worry. All players are with helmets.


How to install

1. Put SoundCache-patch-15595.mpq to Data/Cache

2. Rename wow.exe from archive and put it in wow folder. If you run your usual wow.exe it will delete edited patch.


Version History

1.0 (2021/07/23)

  • Release

1.1 (2021/08/03)

  • IMPORTANT: fixed ChrRaces table related crashes. CSV2DBC made a corrupted file. Thanks to multyhunter for providing error logs.
  • Added hotfixes to Creature*.dbc tables from 15595 build

1.2 (2021/08/06)

  • Fixed human model scaling in dbc. It caused badly drawn visual effects on humans. My table editors are going crazy with cata dbcs and changing values randomly for some reason. I hope it's the last hotfix. Credits to multyhunter for finding this trouble.

1.3 (2021/08/12)

  • Reverted some helmet fixes. I messed up smth with texture paths.

1.4 (2021/08/15)

  • Cloacks fixed (except guild cloacks atm)


What's New in Version 1.4


Cloacks fixed (except guild cloacks atm)

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