Azshara Crater Reforged (WIP) 1.3.0

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About This File

Working on a Small project to restore Azshara crater to it's intended use before it was scrapped. I am still fairly new to Texturing in Noggit so please bare with me and Feedback is always welcome.

Version 1.2.0 Changes

  • Restored Ruined Temple behind Dragon  Statue area
  • Replaced Night elf Wall with an Orc Wall for Horde Area
  • Raised Water Level in Orc Level to give a vibe.
  • Added Instance Portal Tunnel in Horde Area
  • Opened up Closed off Tunnels in Horde Area
  • Added Temple Ruins in Night elf Area.
  • Fixed Water Glitches in Dragon Statue Area
  • Retextures some areas in Horde area.

To do

  • Finish working on Night elf Area.
  • Finish Texturing some areas.
  • Alter Central area
  • Add Banners to Instance Entrances.
  • Add Instance Entrances to Azshara (Kalimdor)



  • World of Warcraft WotLK
  • Noggit
  • WoW model viewer.

What's New in Version 1.3.0   See changelog


  • Added More Night elf Buildings to Night elf Base
  • Updated Central Well with possibility of a dungeon
  • Added Banners to Tunnels
  • Added Matching Tunnels to Azshara in Kalimdor.
  • Attempted More texturing.


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