Classic Night Elf Female with Nightborne Animations, real glowing eyes and Cataclysm Tyrande options 0.0.8

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About This File

This model is geared moreso towards people who play with Classic models but would like something extra to spruce it up. Here we have Classic Night Elf models that have been rigged with the new HD animations (I chose Nightborne animations, because I felt they looked better). The face has updated polygons, and I've included Tyrande's Cataclysm assets in the character customisation (her hair, face and body).  However, the old textures (body and face) will also work. Also, I made the Night Elf eye glow for all faces actually glow on the model, instead of using the dodgy 2D sprite glow effect that all Night Elves, Blood Elves and Death Knights share. 

In the future, you can expect additions from Azshara,  similar overhauls for Night Elf Males with Illidan and Malfurion assets and eventually  new Human and Blood Elf models based off Wrynn and Sylvanas, respectively (all with HD animations).  The goal is to  achieve higher-definition and smoother models that don't detract from the general artstyle of WoW in the way I feel that the models from WoD onwards do. 

If you don't want the new Tyrande skins, just delete Pelvis, Torso, Skin and Face files. I'd recommend keeping the Hair, as the normal Night Elf hair textures will look mismatched.

At the moment, only one face option works with the Tyrande skin - the rest of the faces will cause a mismatch in the skin colour. You can solve this issue yourself by removing the other faces in CharSections.dbc, replicating the 1 Tyrande Skin texture multiple times so that all faces with the skin will be that one, or just plain ignoring it. More importantly, only one hair style (the one in the screenshots) works. I can add all the other hairs in time, but for now I'm releasing it like this.


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