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A project I started initially to learn how DBC files worked that eventually turned into this and thought it was worth a share.

This editor has full support for reading and saving all release versions of DBC, DB2, WDB and ADB. This does include support for Legion DB2 and ADB files and works with all variants (header flags) of these.

Like the other editors I’ve used a definition based system whereby definitions tell the editor how to interpret each file’s columns - this is a lot more reliable than guessing column types but does mean the definitions must be maintained. So far, I've mapped almost all expansions with MoP being ~50% complete and everything else being 99%+ (excluding column names).

Source can be found here.


  • Full support of release versions of DBC, DB2, WDB and ADB (WCH3 and WCH4 are not supported as I deem them depreciated)
  • Can be set as the default file association
  • Opening and having open multiple files regardless of type and build
  • Open DBC/DB2 files from both MPQ archives and CASC directories
  • Save single (to file) and save all (to folder)
  • Standard CRUD operations as well as go to, copy row, paste row, undo and redo
  • Hide, show and sort columns
  • A relatively powerful column filter system (similar to boolean search)
  • Displaying and editing columns in hex (numeric columns only)
  • Exporting to a SQL database, SQL file, CSV file and MPQ archives
  • Importing from a SQL database and a CSV file
  • An Excel style Find and Replace
  • Shortcuts for common tasks using common shortcut key combinations
  • A help file to try and cover off some of the pitfalls and caveats of the program (needs some work)


  • Definition editor for maintaining the definitions
  • WotLK Item Import to remove the dreaded red question mark from custom items
  • WDB5 Parser which is an attempt to automatically parse the structure of WDB5 files

Things to Note:

  • You need .Net 4.6.1 installed (download)
  • Importing gives you the option to import; new rows, changed and new rows and to override all data
  • Exporting to MPQ allows you to append to an existing archive or to create a new one
  • Currently any SQL import must have identical columns to the file’s definition
  • Legion ADB files MUST have the DB2 counterpart open before as required information is stored in the DB2 file. The program will prioritise DB2 if DB2 and ADB are opened at the same time
  • The WDB5 Parser works surprisingly well thanks to the new field structure data however it does trip up on inline strings so definitions may need to be validated manually
  • Undo, redo and copy data history are lost when changing the current file
  • Everything is stored in memory so if your PC is ancient the program will crash attempting to read hundreds of files at once!

Credits go to Ladislav Zezula for the awesome StormLib and thanks to all those that contribute to the WoWDev wiki. I’ve also patched the definitions together for various sources across the internet, there are too many to name, but thanks to all.

What's New in Version 1.1.9a   See changelog


  • The file link is updated from WoWDevTools Github
  • Added logo for better UX (@barncastle notify me if you don't like this one :P)
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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

I've been having lots of trouble with SpellEffects.dbc (which is required to make any decent custom spell), as well as .db2 files in general, until I discovered this wonderful tool, which fixed all my problems.

Also, judging by my experience in using other database editing tools, I can't comprehend the magnitude of the technological advance this editor is. Keep in mind that it was done by just one person, who was only learning how DBCs work along the way.

Overall, really awesome work, barncastle! It's this sort of projects that keep the thing called "wow modding" going.

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