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There are two versions of WoW 335 executable here:
WoWGen11.exe which  - contains all features listed down below INCLUDING the hacky ones such as multi jump 
WoWGen11_WithoutHack.exe - contains all features listed down below EXCLUDING the hacky ones such as multi jump 

List of Features

- Removed MD5 / SIG 
Game version changed to my name initials and discord tag (A.S.E A2#6767) Release date to Dec 14 1337 for fun The real version of this file is still 3.3.5
- Druid on level 101+ get NO error when opening Base Stats 
- Every level 101+ can sit on barb Chair without Error 
- Does not Create CACHE file
-Added LUA UNLOCKER you dont need to Manuly Unlock LUA functions via any 3rd party program this Exe has most of them unlocked by itself
 so far unlocked are (AcceptBattlefieldPort, SetCurrentTitle, UninviteUnit, ReloadUI, FocusUnit, ClearFocus, ... , InteractUnit, CastSpellByName, CastSpellByID,
 Movement functions ... , CancelLogout AttackTarget (error is still printed))
- Is able to Load Data directly from the folder no need to place them into the MPQ 
      eg - M:\Client335\Data\DBFilesClient\ItemDisplayInfo.dbc is a viable path for wow.exe to read it in case wow.exe is in Client335
- Does not uses scan.dll to detect Cheat Engine at all
- When you zoom close to your character it wont get transparent

========= HACKY FEATURES=========
- Allows Air Jumps at all time 
- You understand to every lang 
- /follow works simply on everysingle target no matter what target 


Due to popular demand im going to list of some Offsets for the edits I have done so you can do edits on your own or remove some unwanted functions 


00000000001185E7: B8 01 00 00 00 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90

000000000061BE58: 7C 7C

0000000000000126: 23
0000000000000168: 16 4E
00000000001F41BF: EB
0000000000415A25: EB
0000000000415A3F: 03
0000000000415A95: 03
0000000000415B46: EB
0000000000415B5F: B8 03 00 00 00 EB ED

No Transparency for characters
0000000000336841: 90 90 90 90 90 90  (default 88 96 CB 00 00 00)

DRUID 101.lvl Fix (use XML MD5)
00000000003F5DC2: 90 90 90

Multi Jump Languages Follow
0000000000109683: E9 2B 41 4D 00
000000000032A922: E9 91 2E 2B 00 90 90 90
000000000058782A: EB 56 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
0000000000587882: 8B 7E 44 F7 C7 00 18 00 02 EB A8
00000000005DD7B3: E9 D2 BE B2 FF 56 89 F9 E8 10 B8 D4 FF E9 81 D1 D4 FF




What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


+ Local File reading should nwo work properly 

+ No transparency for characters when you zoom really close so you can now take portrait screenshots

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