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For more detailed description and screenshots visit this project's page:

Patch contains always the newest version of all buildings, all textures used by them (I make copies of Blizzard textures, mainly because if anyone of you happens to have them already and have them edited in any way, the look of my models is preserved) and also all M2s used in doodad sets. Models are for 3.3.5a, so if you work on a newer expansion, WMOs should work just fine for you (if not, consult more experience devs in such matters than I am) and you might want and need to replace M2s in doodad sets by the ones which are actually for your expansion. I'm just a beginner at WMO creation, so you might want to edit these models a little bit. I'm always opened to suggestions and feedback (even while I also like to do things in my way, by my rules, following my opinions).

You can use this for your personal projects, however, I'd like to ask you to add me into the list of contributors who helped you with creating that project. I probably shouldn't have to ask for this, it should be a matter of course, but... I think I don't have to finish this sentence.

If you want to support me for making this, my Paypal account is


Version 1.0 - the first set of 4 buildings, which are quite small, have up to 2 rooms. No cellars, no doodad sets, have slightly bugged transparency at windows, those are reasons why they might be subject of change later.

What's New in Version 2.0


Added 41 castle wall models.

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I'm glad you like it. When Skarn gets some things working correctly in a new test version of WMO plugin, I'll finish converting the last building and second set will be released, together with some fixes for the first set.

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I'm using your set and it work perfectly. I can't wait for the second ^^ Very nice, a witcher style like Oxenfurt ! Do you think you will make other colors for some diversity ?

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Maybe, but you can do so by yourself, quite easily. Simply make a copy of WMO files, open WMO root file in 010 editor, rewrite paths to .blp textures (without changing their length, so just change one character or something like that) and make renamed copies of textures you wanted to change. Then open those renamed BLPs in Photoshop and change them to whatever you want.

The very same technique can be used on M2s.

And you can do the same if you open my WMOs in Blender by using WMO plugin and following Skarn't WMO tutorial, go to textures section, rewrite path to some texture in one of materials and export it as a new WMO.

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Hey Amaroth, I made some retextures of the roof but one texture displays as green. The filepath and file location are correct (keep_roof4)

Do you know what's wrong?

green texture.png

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