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There was a report about this supposedly containing malware, though my PC is clean, the pack is clean, and the reporting person's antimalware was behaving in a very odd and jumpy manner overall. Note that this pack contains couple of apps which are pretty much straight up hacks and many apps from "unknown publishers", there's also file downloading launcher and whatnot - it is susceptible material to being marked by antimalware. It should be clean. But it's up to you whether you trust me on that.

As a rule of thumb, please, check README.txt file in any directory where such file is before using that part to ensure you know all the important info. Contents:

  • AmarothTools
    • AmarothsLauncherRelease - a fairly primitive launcher based on reading config files and downloading/uploading changelog, patches and addons from FTP.
    • AmarothsToolkit - old version of my toolkit, later I decided to split the project into the following tools.
    • ClientItem - a pair of tools fo syncing item_template <-> Item.dbc.
    • GobGenerator - generates gobjects in gameobject_template out of models provided in GameObjectDisplayInfo.dbc
    • ListfileCreation - do not use unless you know what are you doing.
    • NPCGenerator - for Creature displayID WMV > DBC > DB pipeline.
    • WMOListFile - for obtaining a full list of files used by ADTs, M2/MDX and WMO in the folders under this. Note that its code sucks and is not 100% perfect.
  • CASC
    • CascView - 32 and 64bit versions of CascView, required for obtaining Blizzard files for conversion into WotLK.
    • Listfile - listfiles for extracting files with CascView.
  • DBC
    • LightMapper - can be used for a great visualisation of lights on a map.
    • WoWSpellEditor_1.8.8 - haven't gotten to actually testing this tool yet, but definitely worth sharing.
    • WDBX Editor - for DBC editing, DBC <-> CSV conversions etc.
    • EnGBBlizzlikeDBCs - just blizzlike DBCs, can be useful as a backup.
  • Map
    • AdtAdder - a small tool for mass copy-pasting ADT for inicial filling of a new map/newly expanded map, don't forget to run offsetfix afterwards as well.
    • ADTGrids - some helpers you can use, reflecting basic grids on ADTs.
    • FuTa - a tool for importing and exporting alpha maps (painting textures on ADTs with Photoshop).
    • GroundEffects - tools for applying, removing or changing ground effects on ADT.
    • GruulMeWDT - my preferred way of editing (editing, not creating!) WDT files.
    • NoggitQt_3_2771 - an up to date test version of map editor.
    • NoggitSDL_3_1408 - this is old SDL version of Noggit. It is non-public release, newer than SDL 1.4, fairly stable, may be able to open something Qt cannot.
    • Rius Zone Masher - I do not really remember why I have not ever been using this tool for creation of new maps - I just know I have not been using this tool :D. Sharing it regardless.
  • Models
    • anim porter - I do not even remember what this is for, do not know wthere it is up to date, nor whether it is still useful at all.
    • M2ModRedux 4.6.1 - same like anim porter.
    • MDLVIS 1.40 - same like anim porter.
    • MDX - same like anim porter.
    • MultiConverter_3.3.0 - Officially Legion > WotLK converter, but seems to do alright with BFA as well.
    • Scripts - a mix of random stuff, same like anim porter. OBJtoM2 could be useful if you for any reasons cannot use WoW Blender Studio. Leaving it here for the time being.
    • WoW Blender Studio - still under development, but should make all the other stuff in Models section outdated and redundant.
  • MPQ
    • FuckItUp.exe - removes (listfile) from MPQ, making files more difficult to extract, and thus edit or steal.
    • MPQEditor.exe - v3.2.0.535 is a very old version, but I found it to be very reliable. I had issues with up to date versions, and rather reverted back instead of risking having files corrupted.
  • Other
    • 010 - scripts and templates for 010 Editor.
    • Mordred_LoginScreen - what I have used to make my own custom login screens.
    • PuTTy_0.73 - for managing the server
    • WMT335a - camera hack, light testing.
    • WMV - couple of versions of WoW Model Viewer.
    • HxDsetup.exe - HxD can be used as an alternative hex editor, unlikely to be useful to any 010 Editor owner.
    • xyz-hack.exe - useful for precise gobject spawning. This is a hack, please, do not abuse.
  • Textures
    • BLPConverterGUI - enables mass PNG <-> BLP converting.
    • BLPPhotoshopPlugin_1.0 - Photoshop BLP file support.
  • README.txt - version, release date, links…
  • Wow.exe - removed MD5 check, enabling UI edits within patches etc. Share this with your players, especially if you want to customize anything in your UI, including the login screen.



If you are following my english YT channel, this is a toolpack I will be using there.

Overview video:

My Eng YT channel HERE

What's New in Version 11   See changelog


  • Added some READMEs
  • Updated CASC Viewer and Listfile
  • Updated WDBX Editor to 1.1.9.a
  • Updated WoWSpellEditor to 1.8.8
  • Added 3.2771 Qt Noggit
  • Added up to date 010 templates
  • Updated PuTTy to 0.73
  • Added Mordred's Login Screen
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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Very nice

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

Can you upload it to MEGAsync?
My network is very unstable
I tried to download it 21 times
Each download to about 10MB will be broken

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Awesome toolpack.

Thank you a lot Amaroth!

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Thank you for this. Just really getting back into this after a few years of not even having time to play.  I must say you have an awesome youtube channel for someone coming back into modding. So easy to forget everything and be overwhelmed by the changes lol. Thank you for all the help.

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