Vehicle creating collision on stop


This is a continuation of the following topic (omg he chose mc.net over modcraft omg omg what a cunt lets start raging). The summarising conclusion of that topic:

  • When the vehicle npc stops moving, it has to create an invisible collision gobject right in itself. When it starts moving/turning, it should delete the gobject.
    • For spawning, action_type = 50, target_type = 1. Event_type possibly 28 or 43.
    • For despawning, action_type = 41, target_type presumaby 12. Event_type possibly 34.
  • It is possible to copy collision from an .m2 using the script in this tutorial by Skarn, but I also need to somehow create collision from wmo's (because that's what most ships are). As Skarn told me, it's not possible to do that straight away. Maybe I could convert wmos to m2s?
  • kojac488 knows everything

I'll be thankful for any kind of help.

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Yeah, as far as I remember, Alastor had a tutorial on his youtube channel about converting wmos to m2s. That will do the job for collision.

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3 hours ago, Skarn said:

Ask Miton. That's quite an obvious solution in that situation.

Yeah, I know. That's not the reason I'm discouraged. The reason is that I realize I've had many ideas, but I've never managed to achieve anything more advanced than downporting stuff to Cata.

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