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Thas'alann - Heart of the Forest

Thas'alann from the Prophecy RP Team. Thas'alann - meaning Heart of the Forest - is an ancient colony of the High Elves, lost through time. After landing on the Lordaeron continent, they moved inland and formed a settlement in the Tirisfal Glades. After a few years, however, many were driven insane. The belief at the time was that something evil slept beneath the Glades, so the High Elves abandoned the region and moved northwards. Now the site has turned ruined through time as the Elves magic fades and the overgrowth takes control of the land once more.

We're always open to criticisms, if you see something you don't like or think of a way we can improve let us know!

Want to help? Contact Valaryon#6825 on Discord or on!

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