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Strahnbrad - Legacy of Alterac

Strahnbrad by the Prophecy RP Team. Strahnbrad was once part of the Kingdom of Alterac, a quickly growing town on the border between Alterac and Lordaeron. After the Kingdom of Alterac betrayed the Alliance in the Second War, Strahnbrad remained and was taken under the protection of Lordaeron. However, after the fall of Alterac the former nobles of Alterac continuously harass, raid and cause havoc in the town. Over the last decade Strahnbrad has turned from one of the Alliance's most promising towns into a decrepit and decaying settlement.


We're always open to criticisms, if you see something you don't like or think of a way we can improve let us know!

Want to help? Contact Valaryon#6825 on Discord or on!

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