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Fort Perenolde - Secrets of Alterac

Fort Perenolde by the Prophecy RP Team. Hidden deep within the Alterac mountains, the last son to the Alterac Throne, Aliden Perenolde gathers his strength from within Fort Perenholde. Fort Perenolde is a refuge and trading hub for all types of low-lifes and criminals where each individual can find exotic goods, food and slaves looted from the various caravans the Alliance sends near the Alterac Mountains. Fort Perenolde is the only location controlled by humans that will tolerate the Horde. However, Perenolde permits the enslavement of Orcs so it is far from the safest refuge for the Horde. Anyone looking for safety from the Alliance or the Horde will surely end up in Perenolde's debt or will be left to face the harsh elements of Alterac alone.

We're always open to criticisms, if you see something you don't like or think of a way we can improve let us know!

Want to help? Contact Valaryon#6825 on Discord or on!

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