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[PAID] Tales of Time - Looking for Noggit, Modeling, and Lore Developers

Hello all,

My name is Peacy and I am part of a team of around 8 people. Together, we work to create an amazing wow expansion which takes place after the events of Wrath of the Lich King. Our server has custom zones, quests, maps, events, and systems. Unlike most custom realms, we pride ourselves on achieving a high level of quality similar to Blizlike standards. In other words, we are not trying to create a custom 255 realm but rather a full fledged out expansion that can be comparable to other wow expansions. With that being said progress is coming along very nicely but we are in need of work from some noggit developers and lore writers in order to speed up the process while maintaining quality.


At the moment we are looking for someone to do the following:

- Noggit work in order to revamp a zone from Kalimdor.

- Lore/Quest writers to fill out zones with an amazing and immersive story.

- Model worker to convert some M2s to WMOs and  some BFA models to WOTLK (models where the standard publicly released converter doesn't work)


These positions will be paid and our server follows a loyalty system which enhances payment based on how many projects you are willing to do for us. If you are busy like most people are and have only enough time to complete one project, have no fear for there are no ties and commitment to our project after your work is complete! If interested please contact me on discord Peacy#7989 or reply to this thread!


Thanks, Peacy!

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