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After release updates - Patch 1.1

I made a major optimization on the patch by removing models that was bugged, like alpha test models, some unnecessary textures and things wasn't need to be there anymore. So now patch is more easier to get since its capacity reduced drastically but remain same. Also i changed and distinguished the PvP mounts to have a different look from the normal ones since aren't obtained easily.

New additions:

  • New Login screen,
  • New Loading screens and loading bar,
  • New Character Icons on character creation screen,
  • 60% Raptor Mounts are updated to the new model,
  • Deathcharger's Reins is updated to the new model,
  • Horn of the Frostwold Howler is updated to the new model,
  • PvP Mounts are now distinguished from the standard mount.

Under WiP:

  • Armors / Weapons mod -> 80% Completed

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