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After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

New changes are here. Thanks to Drood182 and Leeviathan from Modcraft by creating those awesome mods. Leeviathan for the High Elves and the Chinese version for the Undead models but as also the fix for tabarbs and fine tuning general the WoD character models and Drood182 for creating new skins for the tiger model. So now i have update Balsh mod to be compatible with the High Elves model as also with the general extra fixes.

New Additions :

  • Abominations model update
  • Ghouls model update
  • New Skybox for Stratholme (Orgirmmar Raid skybox used for that)
  • Paladin's Charger model update
  • Warlock's DreadSteed model update
  • Treasure Chest model update
  • Fixed Druids Gift of the Wild spell icon
  • Reworked skins for the Tiger model (by Drood182)
  • Balsh Character models reworked including: Tabarbs, removed doubled polygons,  undead features reworked plus higher-res bone textures (by Leeviathan) *
  • New Undead Character model - Chinese Version (by Leeviathan)

BARE in mind, all 3 mods, the creatures, Balsh Char mod and Leeviathan Chinese version can work together. DONT USE my version of Balsh link from here if you want only the character models. Use the STAND ALONE VERSION from Modcraft. Also i'll advice don't change the order of the patches, is been tested to work that way, unless you are aware of what you doing.

* Completely reworked character models for Balsh's WoD Character Models 1.12.1 models, use in tandem with Balsh's mod. Fixes include: corrected tabard UV mapping for all, removed doubled polygons (mainly doubled belt meshes, this fixes transparency on things like ghost form), undead features reworked + higher-res bone textures + some miscellaneous corrected textures, rogue vertex tamed on tauren male, some corrected textures for tauren females, tons of hair UV fixes and un-decimated dwarf beards.

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